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  1. kcore

    Show Us Your BICYCLE(S)!!!!

    Put some new tires on my bike. Found some that kept that vintage look. I also put on some new pedals as well. Next project is putting some new handlebars and replacing the brake cables and housing
  2. kcore

    B&B's I Cycle, You Cycle, Let's Exchange Stories (aka B.I.C.Y.C.L.E.S.)

    Put in about 8 miles on my bike today. Trying to reach my goal of 10 miles and then move up from there eventually
  3. kcore

    What's in your pocket today?

    Using my Lamy Safari today
  4. kcore

    Dead Pen Thread

    I have a couple of those Jinhaos and really like the way they perform. I bought them on eBay I want to say for like 2 dollars each so bought some back up ones since I know they won't last forever.
  5. kcore

    Kicking tires on fountains, found this.

    Usually yes but since I didn't want to do the whole back and forth with Amazon for the price I got it for I figured might as well get a custom grind on it. It's one of my favorite pens that I own. I would say if the deal on Amazon is a really big savings there is nothing wrong with giving it a...
  6. kcore

    Kicking tires on fountains, found this.

    I ordered my Lamy 2000 from Amazon and I got a bad nib unfortunately. I ended up just sending it in to a nib meister and got a custom grind on it. I would suggest buying from a reputable dealer that would take care of you if you have issues
  7. kcore

    What's in your pocket today?

    Using my Platinum Prefounte with Platinum Blue/Black ink
  8. kcore

    Fixing Ink to Paper

    I have never really worried about saving anything I write. Usually if my notes are that important I will scan the page and save it into a PDF. I think the easy solution would be to use a waterproof ink. There are a lot to choose from now and some of the more interesting ones I have seen are...
  9. kcore

    What FP ink is similar to Pigma Microns? (For Bullet Journal)

    I have a pilot metro and they are good little pens and the nibs write great. I have never tried a Vanishing point but it is on my list of pens to buy. I will probably wait until after Christmas to pick one up. Let us know what you think of it once you get it
  10. kcore

    Show Us Your BICYCLE(S)!!!!

    That's really interesting. I tried to search up some info on the internet about the frame to maybe date the bike a bit but really couldn't find anything on this particular model
  11. kcore

    A new LAMY!

    That is a very nice pen congrats. The blue ink matches it very well good choice
  12. kcore

    What's in your pocket today?

    Using my Platinum 3776 again today with Monteverde DC Supershow Blue
  13. kcore

    What's in your pocket today?

    Using my Platinum 3776 today inked with Monteverde DC Supershow Blue
  14. kcore

    Show Us Your BICYCLE(S)!!!!

    Picked up this vintage steel frame Jamis road bike. My first bike in about 15 years. I have really been enjoying it so far and it will be interesting to learn how to do maintenance and maybe even do a couple of small upgrades to it.
  15. kcore

    Am I allowed to be annoyed ?

    Your frustration is understandable. It is standard practice for people who tune these pens to only tune them by dip testing them. You might want to explain the situation and see if they are willing to keep working on them to get them writing to your expectations. It might be completely out of...
  16. kcore

    Thursday Boots

    My wife just got me a pair for my Birthday this past Monday. I got a pair of the captains in brown. I have to say I'm pretty impressed with them and not disappointed at all.
  17. kcore

    Anyone else fancy Parker 21?

    In my experience pens that are jostled can end up with extra ink in the feed and act of but it rarely happens to me. What I normally have to contend with is changes in temperature where if it's cold outside during my commute and then going into a warm building might cause some burping issues
  18. kcore

    Pilot Metropolitan "Stub 1.0"

    I have that same stub nib that I took off a plumix and put on my metropolitan. It does add a little more style to my handwriting. Let us know how it works for you once you get a chance to use it
  19. kcore

    The Deepest Blues are Black

    Thank you for your reviews of all of these inks. I am a big fan of blue blacks and I find that I am actually leaning towards those darker teal colors.
  20. kcore

    New to the Nib

    Hello and welcome. It is a big rabbit hole but a very enjoyable one.
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