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  1. Altonius

    All Moved In!

    Recently moved into a larger house with my first master bathroom and very own sink. The SWMBO is even letting me hang my razor and brush pictures by the shower! It feels nice to have the collection displayed on one shelf. Now it feels like home. Pick yer poison!
  2. Altonius

    Mamba May! (1/2 GRUME)

    I ordered a Mamba 70 special from IB late March. This turned out to be an extremely mild shaver, even with a Feather blade. But then I thought, what if the angle is absolutely critical - like a Tech? So I’m doing a Mamba May to see whether I’m going to keep this razor. Not participating in GRUME...
  3. Altonius

    Preshave and Face Lathering

    The feeling of face lathering is very pleasurable with all of my brushes. I had a 6-month breakthrough which a good preshave soap/cream/oil alleviated 90% of my tugging issues. Well, face lathering seems to scrub away the preshave layer. For best results I bowl lather, just beginning to avoid...
  4. Altonius

    Storing Beans

    Daily French press enjoyer, and I usually get a pound bag local to the Minneapolis area. Just received my 5 lbs bag from Bird Mountain, and their dark roast is outstanding! Discovered it on a road trip a couple years back. I fill about 12oz weekly in a glass container next to my grinder. What...
  5. Altonius

    7-Month Check-In

    This one's encouragement for the newbies: It's not a rush! the learning curve will take time. I now expect a year to really dial it in as experience is everything. Heads up, this is a long one! The first 6 months was an irritation and blade tugging battle, but I knew I could succeed if I stuck...
  6. Altonius

    First Old Type

    I just want to show off my first 100 year old razor: Gillette Old Type 1919. It was under $15 on the bay, and I was slightly skeptical as these handles are so commonly cracked. After a little soak n scrub, I am incredibly impressed by the gold plating and overall condition! Bent one tooth back...
  7. Altonius

    TOBS Sandalwood - anything special?

    People have been ranting and raving about the wonderfully strong smell of Taylor of Old Bond Street sandalwood. I picked up a wood bowl and soap puck, excited to finally try this stuff out. It smells like bar soap with a touch of sweet floral. My wife thinks it smells like nursing home. Is this...
  8. Altonius

    Today I Learned...

    I use Proraso and RazoRock soft soaps. The initial lather was bubbly and airy, thinking I had too much water. This means I’d wring out the boar brush and shake. Then adding dabs of water while lathering. Ultimately inconsistent results. Even a “pudding” consistency wasn’t super slippery. Turns...
  9. Altonius

    2-Month Check-In - Tugging

    Just over 2 months in and I’m starting to figure it out. Confident in my prep, tried different blades, remembering to avoid pressure, and improving lather from pasty whip cream to thick yogurt. The issue is my neck irritation. PREP: Soak boar brush in hot tap water, splash to bloom soap. Hot...
  10. Altonius

    Brush Drying

    I’m finding my brushes take a full day to a day and a half to dry. All the ends are dry by the end of the day, but the knot base retains moisture. Is this normal? Haven’t been able to find any info on this so I’ll throw it up to the committee. I do rinse out all soap, and give the knot a...
  11. Altonius

    Altonius's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    What is your real name? Christopher What are your nicknames/aliases? Chris Where do you live? MN What is your age (or) generation? 30 What are you in the real world? Hobbyist, nerd, salesman What is your favorite shave setup? After 4 DE shaves: Gillette Fatboy 1961...
  12. Altonius

    First Ever DE Shave!

    Hey fellow groomers! Here’s my brief history and today’s first DE experience. Looking for some advice. Learned shaving on Gillette Fusion with shave gel. My neck would always get so irritated. After a couple years of pain, I just used a beard trimmer for that fresh Velcro feel. Been doing that...
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