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  1. intotheforge

    Review of the OneBlade SE Razor

    Final use of the OB today. WTG, XTG, then ATG again. This time I used a cream and softer brush. My face is actually smoother today. No burn when using the AS either. However, it seemed to pull a bit during use. This could be from swimming in a highly chlorinated pool; not because it was...
  2. intotheforge

    Can anyone give their thoughts on SE artist club blade razors? Mild to Agressive, please?

    most to least, each with feather pro 1. shavette 2. cobra 3. king cobra 4. mongoose I am very anxious to try an asylum Rx from looking at the ratings. It is attractive as well!
  3. intotheforge

    Review of the OneBlade SE Razor

    Received the OneBlade today. Thanks again for setting this up and inviting me. The box was in good shape and held a leather bound razor, a sample of SMN pre/post, some gem type blades and a box of feather spineless blades. I can't remember if I shaved yesterday morning or Thursday night...
  4. intotheforge

    Review of the OneBlade SE Razor

    I'm looking forward to it as well. Shipping info PM'd.
  5. intotheforge

    Recommend me a Bourbon - Rye - Whiskey - Scotch

    I like Michters small batch. Their American Whiskey, neat, is my go-to nightcap.
  6. intotheforge

    Review of the OneBlade SE Razor

    Member added. OneBlade U.S. Tour Komboloi dfoulk (shaving) RSP1 Heron Feather-man paintflinger Sullybob ShaverGN JeffBr intotheforge <your name goes here> (Please reach out if you meet the qualifications in post #24 and would like to have your name added.)
  7. intotheforge

    Top 5 Soaps

    Tabac PdP MdC Loccitane Valobra
  8. intotheforge

    Ask the Gas Man

    The gas stations south of Atlanta are almost all missing one octane level or another. Some are completely out of gas now.
  9. intotheforge

    Scent and setting

    I have some scents that I consider more winter and others that are more summery; but I still mix it up a bit. The only thing I don't experiment with at all is job interviews. I usually use Speick aftershave because I know the scent dies down immediately and the effects are reliable.
  10. intotheforge

    What is your favorite aftershave, balm, etc with no alcohol?

    I've tried several and can't really help you. I've decided two things in this area: one, I like splashes better than balms; and two, I like my splashes to have alcohol in them. It's just what works best for my face. However, I gave a bottle of Castle Forbes key lime aftershave balm away...
  11. intotheforge

    Selling: Brushes, Soaps, & Aftershaves. Oh my!

    Good deal on the boars.
  12. intotheforge

    Precise Brush Question

    I realize you already ordered your brush, but I wanted to give you an option for your next purchase. You and I seem a bit similar in our brush preferences. I lather exactly like you do. I also have a Rudy brush with a Shavemac knot on the way. So, my current favorite could be good for you as...
  13. intotheforge

    Making aftershave from cologne

    That always happens when I mix Thayers WH with an alcohol based cologne. It is fine. Just shake well before using.
  14. intotheforge

    Lamy Safari PIF/Contest

    I'm in. 88 screws. I will use this pen at work for a couple months and then make it a starter pen for my daughter.
  15. intotheforge

    The "King" Cobra Classic Tour

    lol. Guess I should have included some sort of warning.
  16. intotheforge

    The "King" Cobra Classic Tour

    Haggises, regarding Shave 2: I put that greenbriar tube in there so that everyone can learn for themselves that they should not buy the stuff despite the nice smell. I love caswell massey bath soaps; and have bought a few of their shaving soaps/creams. They never fail to disappoint. So, the...
  17. intotheforge

    2014 Badger & Blade Awards - Shaving Brushes Under $150

    I have the 3824 and it is the best cream brush I own. However it is also a good soap brush. I don't expect to ever get rid of it.
  18. intotheforge

    The "King" Cobra Classic Tour

    I posted the package today. Thanks for letting me keep it long enough to give it a good trial. For me, it shaved very well; but no better than the cobra classic. It doesn't look nearly as nice in my opinion either. However, I thought it would be perfect for the ladies, with the long extra...
  19. intotheforge

    The "King" Cobra Classic Tour

    Received the razor today. So, it did arrive safe and sound. I will give it a shot over the next few days and then send it on. thanks for your patience. I can't believe the size of the handle!
  20. intotheforge

    The "King" Cobra Classic Tour

    I'm excited and disappointed at the same time. My boss dropped a surprise business trip on me. I am flying North on Sunday and won't be back until Friday night. If possible, I would like to keep the razor thru Tuesday the next week so I can use it 4-5 times. Please let me know. Otherwise, I...
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