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  1. LoveTheSlant

    Simpson Chubby

    I have purchased four Simpson badger brushes in the last 12 months (CH3, CH2 and 2 PL 10’s). Between all of them l have lost a total of maybe 5 hairs. These brushes, all Best, definitely have a break in period after which their performance is such that I have no interest in purchasing a brush...
  2. LoveTheSlant

    Talk Me Off the Ledge (20% off Simpsons)

    You will enjoy the Chubby 2 Synth.
  3. LoveTheSlant

    Chubby 2 Synthetic knot issue?

    Thanks. Very helpful. Have you been using it? What do you think of how it performs?
  4. LoveTheSlant

    Quick pesto

    Good man @sarimento1 for starting this thread. Looking good! Pesto is a delight; fortunately my wife makes the best pesto I’ve ever had, including even those I’ve sampled in Liguria. Last week she made a pesto with ramps; with gnocchi, it was amazing! Sorry, no pics. 😢
  5. LoveTheSlant

    Chubby 2 Synthetic knot issue?

    For what it’s worth, when I saw this post I checked my Chubby 2 synth. Mine too is the same way. I don’t think my brush is defective; in fact it’s a stellar performer. I’m not sure I’d have ever noticed the fiber not fully filling the handle; it certainly has the backbone of a Chubby 2, but...
  6. LoveTheSlant

    ATT H1 plate

    Yup, but some have also reported the Windsor gives up a bit of efficiency. The Blackbird hits the sweet spot for me.
  7. LoveTheSlant

    ATT H1 plate

    Right on. The H1 plate is plenty aggressive.
  8. LoveTheSlant

    Discount on all badger brushes at Exec Shaving

    Great deal on this. I just picked up another Simpson Polo 10 for around US130 delivered. I already had one, but given the price and that it’s probably my favorite brush, I couldn’t pass this up.
  9. LoveTheSlant

    Razors that you had a chance to buy and regret you didn't

    Nah. I’m a utilitarian, not a collector. Ultimately, with developed skills, any razor will work. Some more to my liking, some less. But that one would have been the grail? Nope.
  10. LoveTheSlant

    Simpson Brushes | Tell Me True | Is Mashing Bad?

    Slippery s(l)oap slope my friend. If you like splay but firm, the Chubby 3 is unparalleled. Oh well. And then there’s the Polo 10. But those cured my BAD for good.
  11. LoveTheSlant

    Simpson Brushes | Tell Me True | Is Mashing Bad?

    With you Jim, as always! I splay, but I don’t mash. Regardless of the instructions, I’m not sure how to generate lather without splaying. But only about a quarter of the way down, nowhere near a full mash. And then, side to side, never circular. Haven’t lost even a hair on my Chubby 2 Best...
  12. LoveTheSlant

    Anyone else find the REX rough?

    Works for me in every blade and soap configuration. Level 3 for the general shave, 5 for clean up. In the bunker now and really missing it (only brought 2 razors with me: Blackbird OC edges it ever so slightly as my favorite and also had to bring the Progress for my son’s peach fuzz).
  13. LoveTheSlant

    New budget Simpson synthetic: Trafalgar

    Yes, Chubby 2.
  14. LoveTheSlant

    My impression of my Polo 12, PL12

    Some may be tempted to think fake news! But! The PL10 is awesome so no doubt accurate reporting on all fronts!! Though I admit, the PL10 hits the upper limit, even though the CH3 seems right sized to me. Must be the higher loft.
  15. LoveTheSlant

    New budget Simpson synthetic: Trafalgar

    I’m in my bunker and brought a couple of my unused Maseto’s. Oh well; there’s a reason they’re unused. Wanted a T3, but none seem available in the States, and who knows now about international delivery. So the Chubby synth it is. Ordered today, so hopefully I’ll be back in my happy place soon...
  16. LoveTheSlant

    Well that's something different!

    Dual machete I believe.
  17. LoveTheSlant

    WCS Silvertip down...

    +1. WCS will make this right. They stand by their products.
  18. LoveTheSlant

    Techniques to straight razor shave under chin and neck area.

    Thank you. I started recently with a shavette to test the waters. So far, this is the single best piece of advice I’ve seen, for me. What’s great about B&B is that while no advice will work for everyone, you will find advice that will help you.
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