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  1. Cohiba

    What is your favorite BOLD cologne?

    Not my favorite but bold!!! It's okay on a Saturday morning just running around in jeans and a t-shirt. One to two sprays will do!! So far my favorite bold cologne is..........
  2. Cohiba

    What are you drinking tonight?

    Outside... Inside...basically in the den, I'm sipping on: Anjeo
  3. Cohiba

    Who Was That Masked Man?

    Tehy were giving a bunch of these away for free at my favorite liquor store...I got the last one
  4. Cohiba

    Best Pinball Machine

    In the past I have purchased from ...... Welcome to PinRescue.com - Pinball machines for sale, pinball game restoration and pinball service and more.... - https://pinrescue.com/forsale.html The ones in RED are for sale, the ones in BLUE are sold...but click on them to see the machine
  5. Cohiba

    Best Pinball Machine

  6. Cohiba

    Cigar Of The Day (COTD)

  7. Cohiba

    S T DuPont Lighter?

    Hey All... Curiosity questions: Do you own a real DuPont lighter? If so, which one(s). Pros and Cons?? Don't mention cost...looking for quality, reliability, warranty, longevity....etc. Again...real not fake nor replica. Thanks!!! Blue or Black is what I'm looking at. Will the flame...
  8. Cohiba

    What was your carry today?

    Slips right into my pocket, no hammer to hang on anything, not visible in my pocket. 38sp.
  9. Cohiba

    Tequila Reviewers and Ratings

    Thanks TexLaw!!! I use to live in Galveston and Houston then moved back home to Oklahoma....on the "correct" side of the Red River!!!:c1:
  10. Cohiba

    Cuban Jose Piedra Cazadores???

    For a machine made Cuban cigar...I CAN'T complain!!!! Gotta love the teeth/mouth warnings!!!
  11. Cohiba

    Tequila Reviewers and Ratings

    Hey All.... I'm really enjoying the tequila "scene" ...sipping tequila that is and wonder who(if you do) you follow or what rating system/reviews you follow? 1. I really enjoy and almost agree with Tequila matchmaker on their ratings. I love that they post how the agave is cooked, water...
  12. Cohiba

    Recomend a gunsmith specializing in Colt SAA

    ***BEFORE you do anything**** Look up the serial number and see what you have....year, how old, original barrel. You can look up the serial number on websites through the internet and if you write/contact Colt...I believe there is a program for a small amount of money or maybe free...I can't...
  13. Cohiba

    Guilty Pleasures

    Real Mexican Food: Buche, Lengua, and Barbacoa Tacos!!!! A BIG bowl of Menudo!!! Chinese: Chicken Feet, Tripe Soup, chunks/squares of Roasted Duck and deep fried Baby Squid!!!
  14. Cohiba

    My New Colt Python

    ColtRevolver: I never got into collecting original Colt Pythons. Everyone I knew that "collected" Colt Pythons were fanatics on: Barrel length, color(Blued or Not) to New in Box... to New Old Stock...then there was one...if I remember correctly...that had 38 Special/Target Model on the barrel...
  15. Cohiba

    Deer rifle for a novice hunter

    Never hunted in your state but if your deer are the same size as Oklahoma deer I suggest either a 25-06 or a 270. I've taken a tone of Okie deer with these calibers and had no problems. With the 270, you can shoot out a little farthe and still have accuracy with some punch to kill your deer...
  16. Cohiba

    How about top 5 Bourbons under $25.00?

    Here in Oklahoma the DANG price keeps going up!!!!!!!!!!! Sooooooooo....$25. Larceny...smooth wheated bourbon. Jim Beam Repeal Batch...the more I drink, the more I like. *** If you can find it, limited supply*** ...Jim Beam Distiller's Cut. Great taste for the money...Evan Williams Single...
  17. Cohiba

    Freemason's.......anyone here one?

    Remember: 1. We are not a religion. Here in Oklahoma the people who don't like us think we're a religion. I never argue with anyone about the Lodge but I will state what I can within the confines of our codes!!! Where they got that idea I'll never know. 2. We're a fraternity. A brotherly...
  18. Cohiba

    My New Colt Python

    Got it yesterday and now I want the 6" model!!! I wonder when they come out with the blue version??!!
  19. Cohiba

    Freemason's.......anyone here one?

    Yes!!! Chandler Lodge #58, Chandler, Oklahoma. 2B1ASK....There is a bumper sticker like this=To be one, ask.
  20. Cohiba

    Cuban Jose Piedra Cazadores???

    Hey All.... I'm going to be running around with some....don't smoke that much....a cigar is just a cigar....maybe a few puffs and put it out or let it die off, friends. Sooooooo...I decided to get some..MACHINE MADE/short filler...Cuban cigars for them. I am a "seasoned" smoker and enjoy a...
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