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  1. MHBru

    Shaving as an ASMR

    It finally occurred to me why shaving is so appealing to me... among other things.. it's just a string of ASMRs... sights and sounds that elicit an emotional response... building lather in the bowl.. the feel of the brush and warm lather being applied to my face... and the best one... the sound...
  2. MHBru

    Upper lip ATG?

    I've been using at 37c for a couple of years and get a respectable 3 pass shave. My upper lip is always a bit nerve wracking when going ATG, though. Do you go ATG in that spot? Think a Timeless .95 will be efficient enough to avoid that pass and still get a good shave?
  3. MHBru

    are high end talcs worth it?

    the big container of JnJ Baby Powder is just about empty and I am thinking about what's next. What are your recommendations and your reasons too. :) TIA
  4. MHBru

    What is the difference??

    Ive been here for a couple of years already and always enjoy browsing. One thing i don't quite understand is the difference between What's New and New Posts.
  5. MHBru

    need a Timeless suggestion

    i currently shave twice a week and use a 37c. My beard isn't that heavy but it's a bit coarse. Three passes with the 37c gives me a pretty good shave... not perfect but pretty good. I have a Timeless coming my way for my birthday in a couple of months and am trying to decide on the correct...
  6. MHBru

    37c slant vs blackbird oc

    Ive been using a 37c slant when its been a few days between shaves and its been a good performer but not great. Im looking at a blackbird open comb. Anyone able to give me a comparison of shave results as well as the "face feel" ?
  7. MHBru

    Looking for a comparison

    Ive been using a 37c slant when its been a few days between shaves and its been a good performer but not great. Im looking at a blackbird open comb. Anyone able to give me a comparison of shave results as well as the "face feel" ?
  8. MHBru

    Next step up from a 34c

    I love my 34c. It was my first “good” razor but in about two years the retaining ring that holds the knob in place has loosened twice and the knob fell out. The razor has a pretty cush life. Always in a case and only used when I travel. Is this a thing? My 37c which gets regular use at the...
  9. MHBru

    Retail locations in downtown Boston?

    I'll be there for for biz later this week ... Any options?
  10. MHBru

    L'Occitane Baux deodorant

    I really enjoy the L'Occitane Cade aftershave balm and am disappointed that its not available as a deodorant. Baux was suggested instead. Does anyone know how the scents compare?
  11. MHBru

    FT Unopened 125gm MWF for trade

    I bought two pucks based on reputation... But it turns out I'm not a fan. I'm only interested in trading my unopened puck for a comparable unopened puck or tub. I know many people really like this soap... Can i find it a good home?
  12. MHBru

    Southern California soap artisans

    As i browse these pages it is often suggested to do business with local artisans.. An idea that makes sense but i realize i dont know who my local artisans are. So I'll put it out there....i live in Orange County. Who is from socal?
  13. MHBru

    Best shave ever. No, really! The best ever

    Ive been DE shaving for about 18 months . My first decent razor was my trusty 34c . I learned about slants here and picked up a 37c since i only shave twice a week unless i am traveling. It s been ok mostly because i couldnt get the blade aligned (the process of holding the blade wings while...
  14. MHBru

    your favorite bath soap... looking for reccomendations

    I really prefer bar soaps and have been looking for some good options. Here are some basic criteria... hard milled soap that lasts a reasonable amount of time ... under $10 a bar … nice scent …. readily available in the USA What are your favs? TIA
  15. MHBru

    What's your face scrub

    I've used clinique face scrub for over 30 years and it's been great. As i expand my routines with everything associated with wet shaving i became curious as to what others are using. My personal requirements include good abrasiveness and no plastic microbeads.
  16. MHBru

    Artisan soaps from Germany or the Netherlands

    I'll be in both countries in a few weeks and thought finding a nice local soap would make a nice souvenir . Any thoughts around things to look for or of any shave stores in Amsterdam or Berlin?? Thanks!
  17. MHBru

    If slants are so good why are there so few of them?

    I enjoy my 34c (nacet blades) and get good shaves. I shave every 3-4 days, have a coarse beard and understand from the many comments here that slants do an amazing job, especially under those conditions. I was surprised to see so very few slants are made tho. I'm sure the 37c will be great...
  18. MHBru

    Pre shave similar to proraso but not in glass

    I've been using proraso green Pre shave and enjoy it. I shave in the shower tho and the glass container always makes me nervous. Can anyone suggest something simi!we but in a plastic or metal container. I'm not a fan of Pre shave oils tho. TIA
  19. MHBru

    van Hagen surprise

    The vdh was my first venture into de shaving and I quickly moved to a 39c which is now my daily razor. The vdh is now my travel razor and I find myself w nicks and weepers only when I use it. Is that razor more aggressive, less tolerant or not as rigidly manufactured?
  20. MHBru

    Breaking in an Omega 636

    My new brush is on its way from WCS. Any advise, wisdom of gossip regarding breaking it in or will it just happen in its own?
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