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    Need AS and/or soap ideas for Christmas.

    My family is looking for stocking/ small gift ideas for me. I would like to expand my collection of aftershaves (and soap as well if there are some must haves). I have and use the following regularly: Cold River Soap Works: - Jardin D'Orange. I like this scent. Woodsy/ earthy with a hint of...
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    New to the NIB, new to fountains, and need help!

    Hey all. This is my first time posting in the NIB. Found this forum getting started with wet shaving. For whatever reason or another, I decided to get myself a fountain pen. I did a little reading and found myself a Pelikan m215 off ebay. Should be here in a week or two. I bought the Pelikan...
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    WTT CRSW Bergamot & Bay v2

    I've got a tin of this soap that I've used maybe a dozen times. 90% or more left (retail $17 + shipping). I LOVE the smell of this soap, I just can't seem to get the lather dialed in. Everyone here seems to swear by this stuff, so maybe I'll try it out again someday. For now, I would like to try...
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    Second razor recommendation . Merkur 37/39C or Muhle R41?

    I currently shave with the Merkur barber pole 38C.. Looking to get a second razor that might be a little more aggressive/ efficient. I only do a 2 pass shave, and was wondering if these might make it just a little smoother at the end. What would you all recommend? It will be my second razor, and...
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    What AS would go well with my soaps?

    Hey all, Looking to get some opinions on an aftershave. I have Haslinger Sage and Shafmilch, and CRSW bergamot & bay. Any aftershaves you can think of that might go well with all three of those?
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    Kai vs Feather blades. What is better?

    So I started my shaving by just buying 100 Astra SP's, because they seem to be pretty well regarded on this site, and because they were very cheap. I've determined at this point that I like my blades sharp. I have gotten my smoothest shaves so far (with the least irritation) using the sharper...
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    Witch hazel

    So this may be a dumb question, but several people here have suggested using witch hazel post shave... Any special way to do it? Just splash it on? Use some cotton balls? Put some on your hands and rub it on?
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    Newbie tried out the scary feather blade...

    Well gents, I've got a dinner date with the girlfriend tonight and figured hey it's NYE, might as well try the feather blade for the first time. Hadn't shaved in 3 days. I gotta say this is the best damn shave I've ever had. I'm using a Merkur barber pole with tobs. Normally my blade is Astra...
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    What do you put your soap pucks in?

    Hey all, Got a puck of haslinger and a sampler pack of col. Conk soaps. What do y'all put your pucks in to lather off them? I was thinking I might put one in a mug I was using for my tobs, and lather my tobs in a bowl I got. Any other containers you guys use? And when I do use a soap puck do...
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    How much does a blade affect irritation?

    So I normally have been shaving with Astra SP's in my Merkur barber pole. I tried switching over to Gillette Silver Blue, and I feel I got a little closer shave with them. I have been getting razor burn from my Astra's more frequently than I would like. A week with the Gillette's didn't give me...
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    First shave, first post!

    Hello all, I sort of randomly made the jump to wet shaving. I came across an article about wet shaving on the art of manliness website after reading some article about lifting. I've always used an electric razor on dry skin for my shave. I've always had issues getting a close shave with it, and...
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