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  1. Koken

    Vintage Shaving related Christmas card

    Happy Holidays Everyone!
  2. Koken

    English Leather Spiced Cologne/Old Spice Similarities

    Recently I obtained a 1 oz vintage glass bottle of English Leather Spiced Cologne by MEM and was pleasantly surprised at how much this reminded me of vintage Old Spice. For a cologne this one hangs around for awhile and lets you know it's there. English Leather had a few nice spinoffs such as...
  3. Koken

    WTB: Gillette Big Fellow or Big Boy

    Looking for a Big Fellow/Big Boy in Excellent or better condition, open to purchase/trades
  4. Koken

    Favorite Powerhouse Scent

    What is your favorite Powerhouse scent? It can be from any era, mine is Kouros by YSL, what is yours?
  5. Koken

    Razorock Stainless Wunderbar Slant

    Used 3 times, this Razorock Stainless Wunderbar Slant DE Razor is in Near Mint condition $117 Shipped anywhere in the USA
  6. Koken

    Top 5 St. Petersburg, Russia DE Blades

    I have always found the double edge blades produced at the St.Petersburg Products factory in Russia to be some of my all time favorites. Here are my Top 5, what are yours?: 1) Iridium Super Extra Stainless 2) Gillette Platinum 3) Gillette 7 O'Clock Super Platinum Blue 4) Gillette Silver...
  7. Koken

    The $615 Toggle on ebay

    Was anyone else watching this auction? Razor appears to be in very average condition, did I miss something here? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=200627788730&ssPageName=STRK:MEDWX:IT
  8. Koken

    Omega 76 Shave Brush

    Can anyone share their experience with the Omega 76 boar brush? Really looks nice in the picture but don't see alot of writeups on this model. Any opinions?
  9. Koken

    Cuir Ottoman

    Tried a sample of Cuir Ottoman by Parfum d'Empire today and really thought this was a nice Leather fragrance. Luckyscent has a wonderful way with their descriptions and this one is right on, anything that has "dirt and sensuality" is ok in my book: The Scoop Cuir Ottoman, inspired by 'the...
  10. Koken

    Brut Shave Cream

    While Brut EDC receives all of the attention I was curious if anyone has ever tried the Brut shave cream in the tube? Growing up as a '70's kid, this was the ultimate drugstore frag...
  11. Koken

    Zizanie by Fragonard (1932)

    If you are a powder/musk/patchouli fan than Zizanie is for you, hard to believe this one is from the '30's. A distant relative of Royal Copenhagen, I remember trying this in the 1970's and find the current EDC a distant memory. Cheap, old school manliness either way, Highly Recommend!
  12. Koken

    Cella Brick vs Tub

    Are the Cella brick & tub the same soap or is there a difference? I currently use the red tub and always get high quality lather from it, anyone own both?
  13. Koken

    Pashana After Shave

    Recently purchased a bottle of Pashana AS from westcoastshaving.com, this has to be the most potent Aftershave I have ever come across. Definately a love it or hate it type of scent, I happen to love it, this is the English barbershop equivelent of Pinaud Clubman, lasts forever. This bottle is...
  14. Koken

    La Toja Stick

    Tried the La Toja shaving stick for the first time yesterday and have to say this one was a pleasant surprise. Not only did I get plenty of moisturizing lather but the fragrance was of another time, a must try for anyone who hasn't already. I have a feeling this one will be in my Top 5...anyone...
  15. Koken

    Travel Razor Recommendations

    For those of us who spend alot of time living out of our suitcase, what DE Razor would you recommend for Travel?
  16. Koken

    Knize Ten EDT Splash

    I have had an unopened 3.4 oz box of Knize Ten EDT Splash sitting in my closet for over a year and finally decided to try it this afternoon. All I can say is WOW, this is a truly unique and one of a kind blast from the past. My first reaction was petrol, powder, & leather with a certain...
  17. Koken

    Koken Legacy

    Amazing that these barber chairs are still being produced, albeit in Japan. Originally made in St. Louis, Ernest Koken was the developer of the First hydraulic & steel barber chair in 1909. The Koken barber chair was the first chair which came with a footrest and a cushioned headrest. The...
  18. Koken

    Russian Rapira Super Stainless

    Yesterday I tried a Rapira Super Stainless for the first time, I must say that this is one sharp blade, not one of the smoothest blades out there but it got the job done. Three passes and I have a DFS, anyone else tried this hard to find blade?
  19. Koken

    Best Penhaligon's Scent

    I own Penhaligon's most recent mens release Sartorial but wanted to know your opinion as to which is your favorite of all time. Have heard alot of good things about Racquets & Blenheim Bouquet, which of their scents do you like best?
  20. Koken

    Power House Users

    I noticed that there are alot of fragrance fans on B&B, the first cologne I ever bought as a kid in 1966 was Jade East which was manufatured by Swank at the time. I have tried the Regency & Songo re-issues and was very disappointed. This was my start on the road to exploring the wonderful world...
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