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  1. Mr. Igg

    Noise Cancelling Headphones?

    Gents, I need noise cancelling headphones. Badly. While I do travel some, and could benefit from the headphones in that area, my primary need right now is in my office which has--no kidding--a building construction project about 100 feet away. Just today, during a meeting in my office...
  2. Mr. Igg

    Cedar EDC/EDT Recommendations?

    I searched, but didn't quite find the answer I was hoping to nuance; so, with the obligatory slap-me-with-a-fish-if-I-missed-it apologies... My wife likes the scent of cedar (a lot). Obvious conclusion: I need a cedar-based EDC/EDT. Happily, she concurs. The Problem: I don't have a...
  3. Mr. Igg

    AOS Sandalwood Valentine's Day Sale

    I recently hit an AoS store while away from home (I don't have one near my home) and they had a sale on: The Sandalwood starter kit ($100 usually) plus the EdT ($72 usually) for $125 total. Whether it's local or chain-wide, I can't say; but, that basically breaks down as getting about $7 off...
  4. Mr. Igg

    Shedding? Calibrate my expectations, please!

    I bought a Shavemac 177 in May. It started off great, and I posted after a month of use (approx 8-10 shaves) that it hadn't lost a hair. Since then, however, it routinely loses 1-2 hairs/shave. Honestly, I hesitated to name the brush, because Bernd has a sterling reputation and I didn't...
  5. Mr. Igg

    BBE specs? Want a similar brush in silvertip.

    Gents, I really like my B&B Essential. It really hits the spot for me in terms of form (and it's far from a slouch in terms of function). I like it so much that I want it to be the template for a silvertip brush. My favorite brush, for now at least, is the Shavemac 177. I'd love to blend...
  6. Mr. Igg

    Help me advise someone on software?

    If you were going to switch from commercial computer security software (McAfee & Spysweeper) to freeware for a Windows Vista system, what would you use to protect your computer? My work provides, and requires me to use, some commercial products on my home system; so, I'm rusty on what's...
  7. Mr. Igg

    Most moisturizing "natural" balm or moisturizer?

    Some debates, including the greatly comedic "Dark Side of Cornhusker" thread, got me thinking: if you were going to try all natural balms or moisturizers, what are the options, and how moisturizing are they? Discussions in those threads typically involve the pros and cons of the...
  8. Mr. Igg

    Another help me pick a brush thread...

    I'd hoped to be looking at a Shavemac 177 or Saville Row 3824; but, I'm on a budget. I can go to about $75, but not really much beyond that. I've already got a Rooney 3/1 and a Kent BK4, which are two of the usual suspects under that ceiling (well, at least since Auravita's been helping out...
  9. Mr. Igg

    All 'Rounder, face-latherer, not Rooney...help?

    Gents, I've been trying to scope out my next brush (threads such as the "must have brush" thread were steps in that direction). I think I've finally articulated what I want; can you help me match my specs to a brush? First off, here's what I have: Rooney 3/1, Kent BK4, Omega 6215, EJ...
  10. Mr. Igg

    Are there "must-have" brushes?

    So, with all the appropriate disclaimers (YMMV, EIEIO, ETC...), I've got a question that's been bugging me: Are there "must-have" brushes, and if so, what are they? I searched the board, and found a short (but good) list of must-have products, but no list of must-have brushes, so I thought...
  11. Mr. Igg

    Neck irritation--should I consider a milder razor?

    Gents, I could use some help. I'm trying to remedy ongoing irritation on my lower neck, and I'm thinking of shifting my AD focus to razors for the first time as a way to do it. My question: Would a "milder" razor help, and if so, which would you recommend? I'm considering a Tech or a...
  12. Mr. Igg

    What's the C&E BBB equivalent for bicycles?

    Gents, My wife and I want to get bikes (as in pedals, not motors). Thankfully, here on B&B, we have a point of reference I think can communicate very succinctly what I'm after: What's the C&E BBB equivalent (if any) for bicycles? I guess I'd characterize our plans as family rides of...
  13. Mr. Igg

    OldSaw 1000 Posts!

    Gentlemen (and ladies), OldSaw has logged his 1000th post here. Dennis, Long may you continue to "Enjoy the Lather"! :badger:
  14. Mr. Igg

    A Special Score

    Gents, If I may be so bold as to call myself out for special attention :redface:... This was my first real "score" after my initial order of gear, and it was a pretty special week. I'll get pictures, time permitting, but here's the list: Pre-owned Old Spice Mug (*) Pre-owned cheapo...
  15. Mr. Igg

    Omega Soaps = Proraso Soaps?

    A quick search here turned up some evidence they're manufactured by the same company, and a bit of surfing around appears to confirm that. But, at least on the sites I checked, they're priced differently (same for the creams). Can anyone clarify if they're really different products, and if...
  16. Mr. Igg

    Initial test

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