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  1. Cohiba

    S T DuPont Lighter?

    Hey All... Curiosity questions: Do you own a real DuPont lighter? If so, which one(s). Pros and Cons?? Don't mention cost...looking for quality, reliability, warranty, longevity....etc. Again...real not fake nor replica. Thanks!!! Blue or Black is what I'm looking at. Will the flame...
  2. Cohiba

    Tequila Reviewers and Ratings

    Hey All.... I'm really enjoying the tequila "scene" ...sipping tequila that is and wonder who(if you do) you follow or what rating system/reviews you follow? 1. I really enjoy and almost agree with Tequila matchmaker on their ratings. I love that they post how the agave is cooked, water...
  3. Cohiba

    My New Colt Python

    Got it yesterday and now I want the 6" model!!! I wonder when they come out with the blue version??!!
  4. Cohiba

    Cuban Jose Piedra Cazadores???

    Hey All.... I'm going to be running around with some....don't smoke that much....a cigar is just a cigar....maybe a few puffs and put it out or let it die off, friends. Sooooooo...I decided to get some..MACHINE MADE/short filler...Cuban cigars for them. I am a "seasoned" smoker and enjoy a...
  5. Cohiba

    Duke Cannon Solid Cologne???

    Hey All... Has anyone tried Duke Cannon Solid Cologne? Longevity/Sillage? Worth it?? I have never tried a solid cologne and how much do you apply? Is it better or worse than a bottle of cologne? All thoughts please post. Thanks
  6. Cohiba

    Cajun Butter Mix

    Hey All.... I'm looking for your...Store Bought...ALREADY MIXED...In a Package or Container....seasoning you use to make Cajun Butter. NOT- looking for a recipe!!!!! Here's what I'm wanting: Just a Cajun Mix that you recommend. I see and read that most of the Cajun/Creole mixes are heavy...
  7. Cohiba

    25% off code at FragranceNet

    Hey All... I made a nice purchase from FragranceNet.com and as always they throw in a 25% off code. It states.."hurry expires soon"...so I don't know how soon really is. Usually they have a "so called" 30% off but I want to give someone this code before it expires. They throw out codes for...
  8. Cohiba

    Armaf Club de Nuit Milestone

    Has anyone tried the "New" Club de Nuit Milestone?? I'm going to let the prices drop before I think about a purchase...may buy a decant. If anyone has tried this cologne....thoughts??
  9. Cohiba

    Kaiyo Japanese Whisky...

    Hey All... Next week I'm going to a tasting for Kaiyo Whisky. I can't seem to find much information about this brand. Has anyone tried or purchased a bottle(or two)?? If so, what do you think about the nose, palate and finish. Please state what bottle you have or sampled. I'm completely...
  10. Cohiba

    Any Love for Bentley Cologne??

    Hey All!! It seemed a few years ago the YouTube reviewers were raving about Bentley Intense. I didn't jump on the hype train and never bought a bottle ....as of yet. So... List the Bentley colognes you have purchased/used and give me a review. Not just Bentley Intense but the others also...
  11. Cohiba

    Jim Beam Repeal Batch

    Has anyone tried JB Repeal Batch? I'm not a big fan of just Jim Beam but I do like their other products...Old Crow...Knob Creek...Bookers...Bakers...etc. Yea, yea....I know it's the regular run of the mill 86 proof....but I'm curious about the non-chill filtration. Surely it's not white label...
  12. Cohiba

    EDT Writer for Men/Cyrus Parfums

    Hey All... I was killing some time yesterday and went to a Fragrance Outlet store because they had numerous brands of Armaf cologne testers. While testing the Armaf the clerk handed me a bottle of Writer stating it was a great clone of Dior Sauvage. Spraying it on a test strip and then on my...
  13. Cohiba

    Which one to pick....little help.

    Hey All... First let me state....No Scotch...can't stand the stuff. Yes I have tried a lot....Aberfeldy to Dalmore...Highland Park...Auchentoshan....etc...YUCK!!! I like American Bourbon and Whiskey...anyways.....back to the help. I have three lined up for this weekend I want to purchase...
  14. Cohiba

    Guerlain-Las Vegas-Bellagio

    Just got back from our 2-week vacation in Las Vegas. While in the Bellagio Casino I always hit the Rolex and Omega Boutique Store. Just across from the Omega Boutique is a Guerlain Shop and any Guerlain patron needs to go there. I was helped by Theodore and Suzy making a purchase for my wife...
  15. Cohiba

    Colognes with longevity and sillage

    Hey All... I'm always on the hunt for colognes with a good to great longevity and a fairly heavy sillage. If you know of any, please post on here. ***I DO KNOW ABOUT JOOP..........NO THANKS!!!!**** But I wouldn't mind ideas or suggestions on colognes that had that "kick" like Joop. I guess...
  16. Cohiba

    Summer Wedding Help With Cologne

    Hey All... My Sister in law is getting married at the end of July here in Oklahoma. If you have ever been to Oklahoma in July/August there's no need to explain.........:a38: It will partially be outside...very brief....with the rest inside with air conditioning. My dilemma: I need...
  17. Cohiba

    The Sazerac

    Hey All, Another curiosity question( kind like my Old Fashioned drink question) about what you use in your Sazerac. I know tradition calls for a rye whiskey which I use AND I use an Absinthe...Lucid brand..( I don't think the brand of Absinthe really matters...tiny amount) to coat the glass...
  18. Cohiba

    What Whiskey or Bourbon Brand Do You Use For An Old Fashion?

    Hey All, Just a curiosity question: What brand of whiskey do you use in your Old Fashion cocktail? As for myself....I'm a traditionalist. I DO NOT muddle any fruit in this drink. I usually use Maker's Mark but am curious what you use for the spirit. No....I do not use a rye whiskey ...like...
  19. Cohiba

    Perry Ellis M

    I really like this cologne...buy one problem....well more like a few. 1. I wish this scent had a projection...more than close to the body or skin 2. It isn't long lasting...at least on me. 3. No sillage. Soooooooooooo...is there any cologne that smells almost exactly like this? YES....I...
  20. Cohiba

    Van Cleef & Arpels .Love it/Hate it? Discuss.

    Hey All!!! Just a curiosity thread, give me your opinions on the men's Van Cleef & Arpels cologne. 1. The almighty.....Midnight In Paris This one gets sooooooooo many good reviews on Youtube. Love it or Hate it??? 2. Van Cleef & Arpels Pour Homme Love it/Hate it/ or some where...
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