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  1. RookieGuy

    Where'd You Get Your Username?

    Hello everyone! These types of threads can be fun sometimes. As the title says, how did you come to choose your username? Some I see played with names or dates. Others from characters I recognize. Still others seem comical and quirky, just like us! So if you'd like to share, here's a good place...
  2. RookieGuy

    Rookie Gets a Barber Razor

    or...Rookie's last post! 🤣 Tomorrow is September 1st, a restock day for GRUME. And somehow I got it in my head that I need to learn to shave with a straight razor. So tomorrow I go to Sally's and grab a barber razor. But wait! Didn't you say you want a straight? I did. But for right now, I'm...
  3. RookieGuy

    So you talked me into it

    As the title says, you've talked me into a pipe. A couple counties over opened up for retail, so I'm going to pay my (their) local tobacconist a visit. With a stop at Rite Aid along the way for a cob. Probably Monday I'll head out to do this. My plan is to learn on a Missouri Meerschaum. Once...
  4. RookieGuy

    Stupid question time!

    Ok, so I'm still fairly new to shaving correctly. And I got started the exact way I would never recommend anyone start anything. Walked into my local Art of Shaving with a wad of legal tender, pointed to a setup I like the look of, and said "I'll take that one". Don't get me wrong, I ended up...
  5. RookieGuy

    Where to begin?

    Hey everyone! So a basic question, right? So open ended with no limits or restrictions, how does one even begin to answer this? Well, maybe background would help. So I've never been a big fragrance guy. Nothing wrong with them, but not my church. A big part of that was working as a chef for 10...
  6. RookieGuy

    Granddad's Scents

    Hey everyone. I have what's probably a pretty stupid question. But what are some good older scents that I should be looking for? Ok, a little background. Around Thanksgiving, I came to the conclusion that beard care beyond every now and then brush food and tangles out and shampoo when I...
  7. RookieGuy

    New Guy Intros

    Hey everyone, I'm Rookie. Rookie is an old Army nickname. Anyways, onto the Cliff Notes backstory. In the second half of my junior year in high school, I found out I could grow a Van Dyke, or a goatee as it was known back in the 90s. So I felt it my duty to rock it for those who couldn't. I...
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