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  1. MHBru

    Pleasantly surprised by Yaqi

    I'm with ya.... I use an Omega 637 silvertip at home and got a yaqi for travel. I was really impressed with it and it was about $15 of well spent money.
  2. MHBru

    What razor/blade did you use today

    Timeless Ti .95 OC with a Nacet.... my winning combination!
  3. MHBru

    Just Received My New Timeless Razor

    Congratulations... I got my Timless Ti .95 OC a few months ago and it is simply amazing... enjoy yours.
  4. MHBru

    Blade positioning Merkur 34C HD

    both my 34c and 37c had sloppy blade control. had to place the blade and essentially hang the razor upside down while tightening to get it aligned. I use a Timeless now and have zero alignment issues without any special handling....granted... apples and oranges comparison but make no...
  5. MHBru

    Invent the Worst Shaving Cream Scents

    Aged oysters in a summer car
  6. MHBru

    What are you drinking tonight?

    Likely a nearly empty bottle of Jefferson Reserve bourbon... I just picked up the next bottle... Michters this time.... two of my favorite bourbons
  7. MHBru

    Way too much soap

    I currently have 5 soaps in active rotation... I use each in sequence when I shave. Currently there is one back up puck waiting. 2 of the current tubs are hybrids of various leftovers/remnants and all show evidence of significant use. That all being said... I suspect my current stock will...
  8. MHBru

    PLS recommend me the best pre-shave cream and/or oil

    Over recent years I have tried a bunch... AoS shave oil mostly in the beginning, Proraso for a few years, and finally ToBS gel... eventually I fell away from them altogether because I found that they made no noticeable difference either during the shave or post shave. AoS tended to clog my...
  9. MHBru

    Cabbage Rolls?

    My mother, my mother-in-law, and now my wife all use the recipe from Jennie Grossinger's cookbook. The only change my wife made is to skip the raisins... they are delicious tho... Jewish Stuffed Cabbage in a Pot Ala Grossingers Recipe - Food.com -...
  10. MHBru

    are high end talcs worth it?

    so.. fast forward a few months and it's time for a new container... anyone know of any retail outlets that carry Pinauds? I checked Walmart, Target, a few local barbers, and Ulta with no luck. I know I can get it on Amazon but wanted to do some price checks. Also, I have learned that both...
  11. MHBru

    Deodorant of the day?

    L'Occitane Incredible deodorant Recipe... smells great and perfect for hyper sensitive skin. https://www.loccitane.com/en-us/the-incredible-deodorant-recipe-in-verbena-15DB050VB19.html
  12. MHBru

    Someone Explain Slant Razors To Me

    absolutely... the Timeless is in another class altogether. It was my path and it worked for me.
  13. MHBru

    Someone Explain Slant Razors To Me

    So.. this is a really good example of YMMV... I have a pretty coarse but not especially dense beard and had been using a 34c as my daily driver. When I started working from home 5 years ago and only shaving 2x weekly the 34c couldn't keep up. I tried the 37c.. a slant version of the same razor...
  14. MHBru

    Drying cream in a jar

    i did it with a tube of Proraso red a while ago. Emptied the tube into a tin and put in a very low oven (150) for about 30 minutes and then let it sit in an open container for about a month. it was definitely harder than a cream but not as hard as a soap... it worked tho. I'd only recommend...
  15. MHBru

    What's your relaxing and (still) efficient DE razor?

    i have the same but with an OC.... and it is exceedingly efficient and takes very little thought... it lets me enjoy the safe without having to concentrate. :) Love that razor.
  16. MHBru

    Deodorant of the day?

  17. MHBru

    Does anybody add extra scent to Clubman ?

    i use Clubman Whiskey Woods and it smells very good as is. If you're looking for something different, think about trying it. Plus, it's actually corn starch and not talcum.
  18. MHBru

    Omega Brush’s

    i only have two brushes and one is strictly for travel At home I use a 636 and really enjoy it... when it's time to replace it I might go up a size but even with a 21mm knot it's pretty good brush.
  19. MHBru

    List your top products

    Razor - Timeless Ti .94 OC Blade - Nacet Brush - Omega 636 silvertip Shave soap - Mike's Natural Soap Rose, Patchouli, and Cedarwood Balm - Trumper's Skin Food Not shaving related but relevent .. Bath soap - Pre de Provence Milk Soap
  20. MHBru

    New Blade - How Often Do you Change?

    i use Nacets almost exclusively and can feel ATG tugging during a third shave so it's two shaves and gone. (I have a pretty coarse beard, though)
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