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  1. Sonarsessions

    BRUT Aftershave Balm options?

    Hi everyone, After trying out aftershave lotion for a bit, I've found my skin is a bit more receptive to a combination of witch hazel toner & balm. That said, I have been using the CK6 formula from PAA's Et Tu soap (homage to Brut) but am having trouble sourcing a balm option. It seems Brut...
  2. Sonarsessions

    New to the Forum - Checking in from GA!

    What's up everyone - I see alot of West Coast people around (especially youtubers)... anyone from East Coast/Southeast? I don't wanna feel like the odd one out here, LOL! Plus, while I have no qualms searching through videos and websites to find soaps, any personal recommendations other than...
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