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    CADE is rapidly becoming my favorite

    Love the soap and got a deal on the bowl for 6 dollars.
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    Best Boar brush

    I have the Semogue 1305 and the Omega 31064. The Omega wins because it is more dense.
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    Semogue 1305 boar brush

    I like my 1305, but it take a back seat to my Omega 31064 which has a more dense knot.
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    Latest Project -- Teaser!

    Good point about the brush. Maybe a custom stand instead?
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    Latest Project -- Teaser!

    Superb! I can only imagine the price for that pair. When finished, they should be cased. Have you given any thought to designing a nice wooden display case?
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    Semogue v. Golden Nib v. Something else

    I have the gn finest extra in a Penworks brush also and it is one fine brush! It exudes luxury. If its scritchy, its scritchy in a good way. I have no problems what so ever with this brush. Its my keeper badger. It sure ended my search for a first class brush.
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    I voted for a 23. Would like it with a longer handle. Medium loft would be fine. :biggrin:
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    Savile Row?

    email the owner or call. The website is woefully out of date. I hear the owner is great to deal with. He just can't keep his website up to date.
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    Do you take the blade out everyshave?

    Stainless steel does not rust. Carbon steel does. I have yet to use a carbon steel blade though they do exist.
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    Is this Silver Tip?

    "Finest" is a grade of silver tip.
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    Comprehensive List of Gem SE Razors

    There is the GEM pat 1918 and various GEM jr.s I have seen on the web.
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    the ethics of PIF

    Unless the product is defective, heck yeah, PIF it. Its good karma to give things away.
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    Irisch Moos vs Tabac

    I have both and prefer the Irisch Moos for the scent. Both lather very well.
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    What ya think bout this gem ebay score?

    I was going to go to 20 but I was too slow. Thats ok my wallet thanks you.:wink:
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    What ya think bout this gem ebay score?

    Congrats, I was the other bidder. :smile:
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    Ebay Rant

    Thanks for clearing that up. This thread got a little out of hand and I didn't make it any better. Apologies to all. Peace, Ray
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    Gem Blades

    Its the blade I'm currently using. I have some Ted Pellas on the way which are GEMS also. These can be had at Shoebox shaving and someone is selling the on this forum in the BST section. SE's have become popular lately. Do a search on this forum. Plenty of info here. Good luck, Ray
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    What is best or recommended single edge razor out there to shave

    That's the one I have and I love it. It is the only SE I have ever used, so my experience is limited. All I know is this razor is my new best friend. :biggrin:
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    Gem Blades

    GEM Personna at Walgreens.
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    When did you start to relax and enjoy your shave?

    About a week ago. When I started using a SE. GEM G-bar to be exact. I find it so less stressful. No strike that I mean its more efficient for me than a DE. Which, I guess does mean less stressful. Also, my lathering skills are coming along nicely which helps the whole experience. Ray
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