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  1. BarryP13

    Apps for phones/tablets

    Does anyone know of any shaving related apps for smart cell phones/tablets? I found a CO Bigelow app but was disappointed with it.:cursing:
  2. BarryP13

    used Dorco ST-300 this morning

    I tried the Dorco ST-300 this morning with great trepidation.. All I can say is WOW. I have never had as close and comfortable shave. I has tried Red Persona's, Wilkinson Swords and Bics. Now I know what a BBS feels like :)
  3. BarryP13

    Wow, tried a cream for first time

    I ordered and received a Truefit & Hill shaving cream sampler ( a few balms included). I had previously used soap pucks since I started about 6 weeks ago. All I can say is WOW. I tried the Sandalwood. The Lather was AMAZING. 3 passes, as close as I think I can get to a BBS, a DFS for sure. And...
  4. BarryP13

    Interesting observation

    Its been a little over a month now and I am enjoying everything so far. I starts with Wilkinson Sword Blades and a Gillette Fatboy using VDH deluxe and Glycerin soaps, generic brush. I was getting a DFS every day, once my technique and lathering skills started to improve (long way to go still )...
  5. BarryP13

    Blade sampler question

    Bought a blade sampler from West Coast Shaving. Can't wait to try the different blades. my question is, is there a particular order to try these? I am going to try the following order Wilkinson Sword (currently using, getting good shaves) DORCO Platinum ST-300 DORCO Platinum ST-301 Sharp...
  6. BarryP13

    Use of a Talc dusting after a shave (after drying off)

    Does anyone do this? is talc safe? Barber shops used to use this, but I have seen little to no discussion on this use. My grandfather used to use old spice talc this way.:confused1
  7. BarryP13

    BarryP13's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame EntryWhat is your real name? Barry What are your nicknames/aliases? Doc, Grand Master of Apple Products Where do you live? SE Florida What is your age (or) generation? Baby Boomer What are you in the real world? Apple (computer) Product Consultant What is your favorite...
  8. BarryP13

    do you listen to music while shaving?

    in another thread, someone mentioned listening to music while shaving. I got curious and searched the iTunes store. 311 songs mention shaving. I was blown away :):) and there are at least 4 books, including "The Art of Shaving" and one on Shaving and the Bible; 54 iTunes U Episodes by American...
  9. BarryP13

    I took the plunge, but have a question

    I was very unhappy with my "goo" and multi blade shave. After doing a lot of reading, I shaved today with a Gillette "fatboy" set on 3 with a Wilkerson Blade. VERY NICE. I had tried Porter's Shaving Soap with no luck getting much lather while "practicing". My local pharmacy had some Williams...
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