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  1. miner

    Thousand Dollar Shaving Society

    I'm about to get my bathroom renovated at a cost that's north of $10k. Can I include that ?? Otherwise it's Wolfman WR2 and WRH2 + MdC soap + Shaving Scuttles Scuttle + Shavemac Silver tip + Penhaligons ASB and EDT = ~US$820 (Aus$1250) Oh and 25 cents for the blade :biggrin1:
  2. miner

    Artisan/Custom Stainless Steel Razor Handles

    I have a couple of handles from Bob's Razor Works, bought about 10 years ago. There's some info here: https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/show-us-your-custom-handles-from-bobs-razorworks.241249/ His website appears to still be live, I assume Bob is still in business
  3. miner

    'E Pif An EE'

    "a moment of sudden and great revelation or realization" Hi Guys I fell into the dark side of "cart and gel" Now I don't have to do the school run any more and have extra minutes in the morning... I opened the den door, it has been closed for maybe 6 years !! Such amazing stuff Started off with...
  4. miner

    A quick head count

    Still in Perth :)
  5. miner

    Martin de Candre

    I'm on my second bowl of MdC. Glass jar first, now wooden bowl. As folk have already pointed out, it is expensive to buy with crazy shipping BUT the "cents per shave" cost is minimal. I have 12 good soaps in my rotation but every other day is MdC. The lather has an amazing gloss sheen to it. It...
  6. miner

    The B&B's First Ever- LE Fountain Pen *****Update Post #1 And # 360

    Curses B&B I thought AD's were limited to shaving stuff. Just jumped off the fence And put in a pm to Jim Curses B&B Cheers
  7. miner

    Badger and Blade Ink ..... update post 382***

    A great cause, just ordered a couple of bottles. Must remember not to store this stuff with my shaving kit! Using it as an AS could have some very interesting results!! Cheers
  8. miner

    Just ordered one of these watches...

    I bought a Seiko diver 30 years ago and it is still going strong, just have to change the battery every 3 years or so. Here's the Seiko Maratec do sensational Nato straps and any one of them would look really good on that watch.. Here's mine on a Speedie.. Comfy as...
  9. miner

    Watch selection help

    Count down timer at a sensible price? Has to be quartz So I would suggest that you look at the manufacturers first because there's about a gazillion watches that match your search. Have a look at Casio, Citizen, Timex, there will be loads of others but if you go for Casio etc you'll get a...
  10. miner

    How to tame a Feather

    You could do this too.. Its all about the soap and the blade!! Cheers
  11. miner

    Day 5... my limit has been reached

    Me too, Monday to Friday then take a shave break over the week end. Makes no difference which blade I'm using, enjoying Feathers right now. Cheers
  12. miner

    How to tame a Feather

    Worth every cent !! Cheers
  13. miner

    How to tame a Feather

    The Feather... With a Feather ofcourse... Some soap MdC.. And a Rooney GP Scuttle Some lather action Sweet as The Feather Razor is mild but that means you can do many passes without taking off a layer of skin.. This is the most amazing...
  14. miner

    I need some support - 1st straight shave..

    Thank you Gentlemen.. Looks like I need more that 6 days to master this art! But I'll keep trying.. Cheers
  15. miner

    I need some support - 1st straight shave..

    Have decided to jump.. Here in Oz we have a whole week of days off (Easter and ANZAC Day plus a 3 sickies!). Doesn't matter cos I won't turn up to work looking like an extra from an Elm Street movie on the 2nd May. First straight shave 2 days ago, using a Feather Artist, I have a couple of...
  16. miner

    Dual Deployant Butterfly Clasps

    Best deployant out there IMO http://www.mywatchmaker.net/deployantclasp.htm Cheers
  17. miner

    Martin de Candre, Savon à raser

    I use to pay $$$$ for a cartridge made by that company beginning with G and more $$ for a can of foam made by the same company. The price for MdC is tiny compared to what I was paying.. And MdC is amazing. I just paid $100 for at least years worth of top quality shave soap, thats worth...
  18. miner

    Vintage Rolex…where's a good place to look?

    You could fly to London and spend some time in the Burlington Arcade just off Old Bond Street... Or check out the BS Board on The Rolex Forum.. ( There are many trusted sellers there. Send me a PM. Cheers
  19. miner

    Help! I can't stop using my Palmolive shave stick

    Gravy You're ok, no need to seek counselling. You have stumbled upon a variation of the super lather concept: http://www.youtube.com/user/mantic59#p/u/55/8N0C1cLELQo And if it works for you, its a brilliant idea!! BTW I discovered Palmolive soap in my Dad's stuff recently. Jeez the...
  20. miner

    Wooden bowl for Pen's EF?

    You can "ease" the Pens into a DR Harris bowl. I've done it with a puck of EF. The soap is soft enough. So if your Marlborough fits the mamabears bowl then in theory you should be able to push the EF into the mamabears bowl. Its a really tight fit which is good because water won't run down the...
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