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  1. CJBianco

    WTS: JNAT Nagura Set + Straight Razors | Friodur, etc.

    I'm clearing space and raising funds for new fly fishing gear, so I'm offering a few of my straight razors and natural JNAT nagura stones. 1. JNAT Nagura Set (3 stones). This matched/assembled set was originally purchased from Alex @ thejapanstone, and it includes the usual three-stone set of...
  2. CJBianco

    WTS: JNAT Pocket Rocket + Nagura Set w/ Koma

    OK, so I'm addicted to my newest JNAT. (Thanks, Aaron!) And to make room for buying many new tomo to play with, I'm offering my smaller Pocket Rocket for sale as well as a full set of nagura, including a lovely little Koma. 1. The JNAT Nakayama Pocket Rocket with the orange racing...
  3. CJBianco

    WTB Old Rock or Deep Rock Coticule

    I'm looking for a vintage Old Rock or Deep Rock coticule with black manganese spots and lines. Preferably in the 5" x 2.5" size. Regards, Chris
  4. CJBianco

    Krona Photos for Stubblefield (et al.)

    Stubblefield, What can you tell me about this Krona? (I PMed you about this one a few weeks ago.) I bought it on eBay, and it came in a red plastic case with folded directions. (She cleaned up real nice, huh?) I found an online safety razor database somewhere, and saw photos of the 1970...
  5. CJBianco

    Trading Services

    I was wondering how one might go about trading services for expensive razors or supplies. For instance, let's say I need a tooth pulled and I'm broke, but I have an 8/8 Friodur with ebony scales just sitting in a drawer. Yes, I could advertise the razor on the BST, but who has that kind of spare...
  6. CJBianco

    Hawcroft & Pearson

    I was asked to post a photo of my Hawcroft & Pearson, so here it is. (It's an old photo of poor quality, sorry.) The H&P blade is 6/8" in a satin finish. The scales are genuine ivory. (The scales were genuine ivory.) The blade fell to the ground and one side broke. The razor is currently...
  7. CJBianco

    Li'l Seniorita

    I may be gone for a while, but I always come back with a bang. Here's my latest treasure--a 1965 K4 Mexican Super-Speed...in excellent condition. I call her Li'l Seniorita. Sexy, isn't she?
  8. CJBianco

    English No.s

    One of my favorite razors--English Ball Tech--is called the #24 according to the original 1958 advertisement. Do all the English Gillettes have model no.s? (Specifically...the 1950s Rocket FT and the Slim-Twist.) Thanks, Christopher
  9. CJBianco

    Synthetic Knots

    Does anyone know where to order synthetic knots--like in the Men-U or the Muhle? (Just curious.) Thanks, Christopher
  10. CJBianco

    Soap Packaging: Paper or Plastic?

    My first quality soap was Pirate's Cove. And I loved it. (Still do.) Being a good little save-the-planet dharma bum, I dig the way it's wrapped in enviro-friendly biodegradable paper, not plastic. I searched all the other good gycerin (oh! I'm animal-friendly too) brands and found many come...
  11. CJBianco

    My Public Apology

    This is my public apology to Thirdeye (Ray): I apologize. I was wrong. In a discussion about collecting razors, I once said that any serious collector knows that the better condition the razor, the more valuable the razor. Ray disagreed, arguing that some serious collectors may appreciate a...
  12. CJBianco

    The Famous Gillettes

    The moment I saw George Harrison shaving with the 1960s Gillette Slim-Twist (Cream) in A Hard Days Night, I knew I had to own one too. (And as luck would have it, the 1960s Gillette Slim-Twist is one of the smoothest shaves on the planet!) So what other famous Gillettes do you know about...
  13. CJBianco

    The Pretty Parat (English)

    A minty fresh photo for the morning. (No blades.) Christopher
  14. CJBianco

    The New Arrivals...

    I was stoked to find the Senator and the 1947 SS unloved and abandoned and waiting for adoption, but I was double stoked to find the Senator was in excellent to near mint condition. (The SS is in very good condition too.) So I'm here showing off proud photos of the new babies...whom I love...
  15. CJBianco

    Mystery SS

    I saw this oddball 1951 SS on eBay, and I bought it just to see it in person. It's the typical American SS style, not the English Rocket or German Parat. However, like the German Parat, there is no "MADE IN" stamp. So the question is...why is the "MADE IN" stamp missing? I do not believe...
  16. CJBianco

    Okay...I'll Keep The Case!

    I apologize. I once said there was no use in keeping the razor case. (After all, you can't shave with the case.) I was wrong. I found this little 1951 W1 beauty in almost mint condition with razor blade insert card and the original case. (And I am keeping it all.) Christopher...
  17. CJBianco

    Black Plastic Tech

    I've seen the Black Plastic (Bakelite?) Tech before, but never with the black metal cap. (Of course, I don't follow the Techs, so this may be the most common model.) And this one has an "S" stamp too. Any information on this one--year, etc? Thanks, Christopher (The black paint is...
  18. CJBianco

    The English Slim-Twist

    Oooh! Arrived today. My little English Slim-Twist in soft cream flavor. A gentle 43 grams. Sure to make me smile in the morning. (As seen in The Beatles: A Hard Day's Night.) "Honestly! Me mind boggles at the very idea: a grown man and you haven't shaved with a safety razor." -- George...
  19. CJBianco

    The Adjustless Collection

    I've been trimming my collection down to the "basics" lately, and I find myself conflicted over the 1959 E3 Fat Boy. I know it's a "must have" razor. But I never use it. And I probably never will. I enjoy selecting the right razor for the right job on the right morning from the simple...
  20. CJBianco

    Superior 70 Bay Rum @ Walgreen's

    So here's the story... I had a small bottle of Ogallala Bay Rum which I did not like, so I traded with a forum member for a 2oz sample of Popular 70 Bay Rum. (I couldn't find anything online about Popular 70, but I have read a few good things about Superior 70. And the forum member says he...
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