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  1. Jim

    INFO! Reminder that the BST will close tonight.

    As usual the BST will be closed for the duration of the NBCF fundraising auction. See you all there. Jim
  2. Jim

    INFO! Don't be a Paypal CHUMP

    In the past decade and a half we have seen enough failures to have a positive outcome in the BST to gather some hard and fast conclusions. In almost every case...99.9 % the guy coming up with the short end of the stick used "Friends and Family" to make payment. When you use use this option it is...
  3. Jim

    Bamboo charcoal

    I was given a bag of Jamaican "gem" bamboo charcoal. I used it today in my gravity feed smoker and I was impressed with it. No issues at all, no odors or flavors. Oak wood chunks flavor came through clearly on the brisket. Most impressively very low volume of ash. Anyone tried bamboo Charcoal...
  4. Jim

    Holster ID please

    Does anyone recognize the maker on this one?
  5. Jim

    The Brown Leaf Hall of Shame cigar band thread

    Its no secret my pet peeve (well one of them) is the ridiculous bands that have been popping up on cigars recently. Please add as you find them. My current nomination: A three fer!
  6. Jim

    Pre/early Cigar boom bands

    I found a big bag of 20 + year old cigar bands while sorting through the archives . I thought it would be fun to post them here. There are a lot to go through so I will do so on an sporadic basis.
  7. Jim

    INFO! The BL Stock Exchange issue

    Gents, If you used to be able to access the Stock Exchange ( having paid the one dollar fee) and no longer can- please note that in this thread. We are sorting through a software issue. Please only post if you are having trouble seeing the forum. Your help is appreciated.
  8. Jim

    INFO! How to close your BST thread

    You will see the three dots on the header of most web browsers and devices. Click on that and select lock thread...this will close your BST thread and mark as sold. Enjoy
  9. Jim

    Welcome Golden Shave

    Welcome Golden Shave to the B&B vendor group!
  10. Jim


    Whats on the BBQ for 2020?
  11. Jim

    Welcome Bob!

    Please join me in welcoming Bob... AKA Sugarfoot to the B&B vendor ranks. Welcome aboard Bob!
  12. Jim

    Happy Thanksgiving from the B&B Team

    Best wishes for a wonderful day.
  13. Jim

    Charity Auction Auction winnings thread

    Post your scores here!
  14. Jim

    Charity Auction NBCF Auction discussion thread.

    So what do you think?
  15. Jim

    ID my snakeskin

    Found this this morning in my wildflowers garden. Overall lenth is 46 inches.
  16. Jim


    Please join me in welcoming back our old friends Gifts & Care!
  17. Jim

    Welcome Tony!

    Please join me in welcoming Tony Miller to the B&B vendor program!
  18. Jim

    Heads up by Gillette

    Found this oldie and thought I would share it with the community. Anyone collect these products?
  19. Jim

    Another oddball PIF Remington Lecktro Razor

    For your consideration an oddball cart razor which I would like to PIF. To be eligible for the PIF, please post a photo or photos of your odd ball razor(s). Winner will be picked next week.
  20. Jim

    Overnight express BBQ

    Brings new meaning to the sentiment "mail me some of that Q"
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