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  1. preidy

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all fellow shavers and wishing you the best in your pursuits
  2. preidy

    NOS Med Prep Blade

    Old style Personna Medical Prep blade. Note: One side of the blade has glue spots. Blade is marked "Made in USA" on one side blade table and "C 4" on the other side. Have not tried one yet to compare with modern day blade.
  3. preidy

    Gold Flair Tip Super Speed

    Hoping for a diamond in the ruff. Based on the pics it looks to be in good shape plating wise only covered in thick soap (I hope). Mechanically I'm rolling the dice. Not alot of info on this model only found 2 references at Mr Razor - suspect this is a 1957. Arrives Tuesday.
  4. preidy

    WTB White in color (British) Blade Dispenser

    WTB 1950's White (not creme) 10 Blue Blade dispenser.
  5. preidy

    Red Tip ROCKET

    Looking for Rocket Red Tip in very good condition.
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