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  1. _MementoMori_

    Favorite female singers

    Gillian Welch (my forever number one - all others in this list are unranked) . . . Marissa Nadler Emma Ruth Rundle Darkher Dorthia Cottrell Stevie Nicks Fiona Apple Alison Krauss June Carter Cash Roseanne Cash Patty Griffin Emmylou Harris Loretta Lynn So mostly country, alt-country, folk, and...
  2. _MementoMori_

    Any Computer Enthusiast in the house?

    I've built a few gaming PCs and I really enjoy it. I don't have one currently though, and the technology has advanced so much since my last build that I feel like I'd need to re-teach myself how to build if I wanted another one. Lots of fun though. I love running PC games at max settings and...
  3. _MementoMori_

    Learner guitars - help

    Digging the MCM-inspired artwork. Nice touch.
  4. _MementoMori_

    The Last Movie You Watched?

    Superman 3. The one with Richard Pryor. Probably the weakest of the entire Reeve Superman franchise, but also undoubtedly the funniest. Seeing "Bad Superman" straighten the Leaning Tower of Pisa and blow out the Olympic torch is just priceless. I miss Christopher Reeve.
  5. _MementoMori_

    Bass Guitars: Learning, Playing, Showing Off!

    I haven't, but I'm well aware of their reputation, haha. I love the entire Peavey T-series, and vintage Peavey in general. I have a 1983 Peavey Patriot with the Super Ferrite pickups and I'll never sell it.
  6. _MementoMori_

    What are you drinking tonight?

    It's hard to go wrong using fresh herbs in cocktails. I'm crazy about anything made with basil or sage.
  7. _MementoMori_

    The Speakeasy Acquisitions 2020

    Rewarding myself with a wee dram or four of this liquid gold after work tonight. Neat in my B&B Glencairn.
  8. _MementoMori_


    I thought I lost all of mine too, but apparently by the way she speaks, they're in my teenage daughter's mouth.
  9. _MementoMori_

    Wife absolutely refuses to give me a say in home decor.

    +10,000 to everything you just said. The closest thing to wisdom that I've read in this thread.
  10. _MementoMori_

    What are you listening to?

    A track from the new John Frusciante record which came out of nowhere and completely took me by surprise. It's... out there. But I've been a fan for decades and I've grown accustomed to his weirdness.
  11. _MementoMori_

    National Hamburger Day

    I didn't know! Looks like it'll be burgers for dinner tonight.
  12. _MementoMori_

    The ammo struggle is real.

    FYI - Palmetto has Federal 9mm in stock at the moment. 20 rounds at $1 per round, but that ain't the worst I've seen. I grabbed a box.
  13. _MementoMori_

    Well, I just designed and bought a gas fireplace.

    I've always loved that classic image of stockings hanging on a mantel at Christmas time with a roaring fire as snow falls outside. I didn't have it growing up, but it's not too late to give it to my kids. So I drew something up and had it quoted by a local fireplace shop. The estimate came in...
  14. _MementoMori_

    ALMOST found my birth quarter razor "in the wild."

    Those are the best auctions. Nothing like the thrill of spotting a diamond in the background and hoping that no one else does.
  15. _MementoMori_

    Bass Guitars: Learning, Playing, Showing Off!

    I play guitar, but bass is fun and I do dabble a bit. I really want one of these bad boys:
  16. _MementoMori_

    Bass Guitars: Learning, Playing, Showing Off!

    Haha. Classic. I remember it well.
  17. _MementoMori_

    Has your fragrance collection gotten out of control?

    I've got a few mini-keggers of cK One in cold storage. That's all I need or want.
  18. _MementoMori_

    Ammo storage solution...

    I bought my first gun in July. But couldn't find ammo could I? I said with a frown, when asking around, If someone breaks in, guess I'll die.
  19. _MementoMori_

    Bass Guitars: Learning, Playing, Showing Off!

    Maybe this is why they turned his bass down to zero in the mix on ...AJFA.
  20. _MementoMori_

    Learner guitars - help

    I've always had a thing for parlor guitars. I transitioned to them from nylon string classical guitars. Right now I have a Washburn R318 parlor guitar that's numbered #40 out of only 250 made in the world. It's beautiful and it sounds great, but I'd love to own an antique Martin parlor guitar.
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