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  1. jadam318

    Getting Some Old Restos Going - Need a Little Help

    So, a little over a year ago I picked up a bunch of razors from an online auction (two separate lots, if I remember correctly) with every intention of poilshing them up to use. Now, over a year later, I have yet to shave with any of them. I have polished up some of the blades, but none have been...
  2. jadam318

    A Little Honing Help?

    Hey guys. I have been lazy lately, and, instead of learning to hone my own razors or sending them off, I've been shaving with DE's. That's all well and good (DE shaving is great), but I've decided to finally see something through and figure out this honing thing so I can get back to that...
  3. jadam318

    AS Advice

    Hey fellas (and any ladies that may be hanging around)! It has been quite a while since I have posted here at B&B, and I must say that I miss getting to check in as often as I used to. Since my move from Montana I have found myself quite busy and without an internet connection at home. :glare...
  4. jadam318

    18k, two at a time

    How often do B&B'ers reach 18,000 posts? ....I venture to say 'not too often'. Furthermore, how often do two of them do it within the same hour? ....I surmise never. Well, now it has happened. Yes, it is true. Two of our own have tagged teamed the 'submit post' button a combined total...
  5. jadam318

    Cross Country Move! Need advice.

    So here's the story. I'm moving from Montana to South Carolina in a couple of weeks. I'll be driving my '93 Toyota pick-up that has nearly 230,000 miles on it :blushing:. It made it out here last winter from Georgia and has been across Montana several times since, so I'm hoping it's good for at...
  6. jadam318

    Christmas Reflection

    So this year for Christmas I wanted to get all the guys in my immediate family some shaving gear. My brother and brother-in-law were both already interested in wet shaving, and my brother, who also happens to be a fellow B&B'er now :w00t:, had already been wet shaving for roughly a month before...
  7. jadam318

    Gollum's 'precious' 7k posts!!

    I thought I'd go ahead and congratulate Matt (gollum83) on cracking through 7,000 posts in less time than it takes most of us to make our morning coffee. I mean really, how did this happen so fast? Does it have something to do with your diet of raw fish? Seriously, though, your jesting is...
  8. jadam318

    Need quick Christmas gift help!

    Hey, fellas. Here's the low-down. I want to buy a shaving brush and a soap/cream for a couple of guys in the family for Christmas. I currently work as a volunteer, so $$ is certainly a concern. Besides, they are both newbies. One of them wants to get into straight razors, and the other is my...
  9. jadam318

    Christmas avatars, anyone?

    Where I come from, we decorate for Christmas the weekend following Thanksgiving. In keeping with tradition, I thought I'd go ahead and being to get B&B in order. Anyone else want in, or is it too early?
  10. jadam318

    Yet another "Help Me I.D. this" thread - tough one, though

    Okay, fellas. I know there has been a barrage of these threads lately, but I'm posting this anyway. :001_tongu Sorry. I picked this razor up off of ebay, knowing very little about it. For $10, I was comfortable with the risk. Here's what I know about it: 6/8, very heavy, wedge blade with a...
  11. jadam318

    Winter Entertainment

    Well, I was going to revive an old thread where I had asked several questions of you experience fellas around here. I realized, however, that those questions have since been answered, and it wouldn't do me any good to have people answering them all over again. I got into this little hobby...
  12. jadam318

    Norton 4k questions

    Ok, guys, a while back I got my hands on a set of hones to begin teaching myself how to use them. I'm living in Montana and wanted to pick up straight razor restoration as a winter time hobby. That being said, I picked up a Norton 1k/4k hone back in late spring of this year. I got a good deal on...
  13. jadam318

    C.O. Bigelow ASB?

    Has anyone here used the C.O. Bigelow ASB? What are your thoughts? I went by Bath and Body Works yesterday, which was a little off-putting being the only male in the store who wasn't dragged there by a female, to pick up some C.O. Bigelow shave cream (Proraso). Anyway, they were out of the...
  14. jadam318

    SE blades?

    I have a question for you DE guys. I'm more of a straight shaver, myself, but I picked up a flawless Gem Micromatic for about 5 bucks a while back. I desperately want to try a shave with it, but I have no idea where to find singe edge blades. Anyone here have some help?
  15. jadam318

    Antique Store Find...I.D. help, anyone?

    So I was skimming through an antique store earlier today and found a blade I wanted to ask you fellas about. The blade was a large (7/8 or so), heavy (at least 1/4 ground if not wedge) one with the markings "Bryan & Son, Melton" on it. Anyone ever hear of this? The scales were generic...
  16. jadam318

    An idea for soap storage...

    So I, like many of you, enjoy trying the myriad of soaps on the market today. Unfortunately, the containers sold with those soaps are ridiculously expensive (e.g. MWF). Anyway, I found myself thinking on this very conundrum as I wandered through the local hardware store. Then, from the corner...
  17. jadam318

    First DE Shave

    Okay, so I'm not really new around here. I've been using a straight for about a month now, maybe a little longer. I bought this little Gillette Tech from the BST here on B&B to use for traveling. I have put off using it for a few weeks simply because I'm having so much fun with my straight...
  18. jadam318

    Lapping Options

    I just pulled the trigger on a Spyderco 8K hone from a fellow member here (thanks, Leighton). I'm getting into restorations, and my plan is to pick up a Norton 1k/4k for rougher work and a Chinese 12k for finishing. My dilemma is with lapping these things. I was going to go for the Norton...
  19. jadam318

    Billings, MT

    Anyone have a heads up on some decent shaving supplies near eastern Montana (I say 'near' because I know there is nothing 'in')? Other feasible towns are Sheridan, WY and Miles City, MT. Online has sufficed thus far, but it would be nice to see/smell some of this stuff before I pay for it...
  20. jadam318

    First Restoration Questions

    Okay, guys, here's the story. I picked up a Joseph Allen & Sons 5/8 wedge at our local, friendly online auction for less than $10 shipped. The blade is in better condition than I had expected. There is some light rust on the back side that should polish out nicely. The edge will need some hone...
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