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  1. LCarter

    Open comb recomendation

    I'd like to know this as well.
  2. LCarter

    Baker's Dozen - Musical Corruption

    Your song is cooking something up! 1. Wok Don't Run ... The Ventures 2. Take It Over Easy ... The Eagles 3. Smells like Bar-B-Q... Nirvana
  3. LCarter

    Why synthetic?

    Couldn't agree more. There is much less fuss involved in a synthetic.
  4. LCarter

    Bay rum I guess the clove scent is not for me

    Right there with you! The only bay rum I ordered was a hard no for me. I PIF'ed it and felt bad about it.
  5. LCarter

    When is a soap no longer any good?

    Thank you!
  6. LCarter

    When is a soap no longer any good?

    I have two soaps from the same company that were granulated (not a homogeneous mixture) when I received them from the vendor. Has the soap begun to separate? Will rebatching the soap help with this?
  7. LCarter

    Barbasol emergency shave

  8. LCarter

    Micromatic Monday

    Today, I had my 1st Micromatic Monday shave. It was only my 2nd MMOC shave. The 2nd shave was better than the first. Maintaned a light touch throughout. Razor: MMOC Blade: GEM PTFE Soap: Stirling Piacenza Brush: Stirling 24mm Synth Post shave: Witch Hazel and cetaphil (Nothing Fancy) WTG...
  9. LCarter

    Micromatic Monday

    I can definitely see why people love these razors.
  10. LCarter

    Micromatic Monday

    Thanks to @MyOldKentuckyHome's generous PIF, I had my first shave with a GEM MMOC. Yowza, that was an aggressive shave! I have a tendency to use too much pressure, so I was really trying to keep it light. My first pass was good. I got too confident on the second pass. Thankfully, I only...
  11. LCarter


    Mail call today! I'm really excited to use the MMOC! Looks great! First shave should be Saturday. Thanks again for the razor and blades, @MyOldKentuckyHome!
  12. LCarter

    Bird Watching

    I have never seen a hummingbird like that. At first glance, you would think it is a moth.
  13. LCarter

    Bird Watching

    @Billski, you must be a professional photographer. Awesome pic! I am not, but I was sitting on the back deck with my lovely wife when this little guy paid us a visit. We use the Merlin app to help us identify our back yard birds. I actually got a House Finch to challenge me to a fight...
  14. LCarter


    Thank you! Coated GEMS seem to be hard to find, unless i want to buy 100.
  15. LCarter


    Thank you again for your generosity, @MyOldKentuckyHome! What blades do you guys recommend? This my first PIF and my first GEM? I'm super excited!
  16. LCarter


    Great review and chart! You should have a thread devoted to your charts alone.
  17. LCarter

    Rockwell 6s vs Karve CB vs Razorock GC

    This is tough. My vote was for the GC .84. I have never used a Karve, so take that with a grain of salt. I like my 6c, but find that my sweet spot would be somewhere between the R4 and R5 plates. The GC falls perfectly within the sweet spot.
  18. LCarter

    What's your favorite DE razor blade?

    Nacets work well in every razor I own. They are smooth and sharp.
  19. LCarter

    Soap Commander Sample PIF

    Congratulations, @PlutoViola!
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