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  1. Latherati

    Timeless VS Wolfman

    Hello gentlemen, I currently have the Timeless OC and scalloped baseplates with the 95 gap. I love the shaves I get from both, but enjoy the OC more. I am thinking of getting the 1.25 when my name comes up on the Wolfman list, but I am unsure about OC or SB. For those who have tried both, how...
  2. Latherati

    Wolfman Help

    Hello, I have never ordered a Wolfman before. I know it’s a long wait, but I wanted advice from current Wolfman owners. I hav have been using a Timeless 95OC for about a month. It’s my first premium razor and I absolutely love the shave I get. I only shave 2-3 times a week, so the 95 works...
  3. Latherati

    Following The RAD Rabbit...

    I just got a Timeless Ti95 OC for Father’s Day; which is the smoothest, best shave I have ever had. The razor is a beauty too. Now, the RAD rabbit is calling to me again, saying, “follow me, I know the way. Past the Simpson Brushes and the Wholly Kaw soap shop.” The RAD rabbit now has me staring...
  4. Latherati

    Open Comb Razor Vs Straight Razor

    Hello, This is a question for those of you that use both an open comb razor and a straight razor regularly or who have experience using both. How do open comb razors and straight razors compare both in efficiency and closeness? Do open comb razors achieve the same level of closeness and...
  5. Latherati

    What Got You Started?

    I think it would be fun to hear about all of the many different reasons we all got started in this hobby. What got you started? For me, I loathed using cartridge razors, they felt like sandpaper, and I got horrible irritation...just thinking about it makes me cringe. What was your first shave...
  6. Latherati

    Buying Timeless Razor Help

    Hello fellow RADists! So I have convinced my wife to buy me a Timeless razor for Father’s Day, super excited! I need some help from the community as I have never had a titanium razor (currently my only razor is the Edwin Jagger DE89). If I purchase the titanium, I will have to purchase from the...
  7. Latherati

    Soap Scent

    I love that so many soap makers provide a variety of scents for us to choose, but are there others in this community that feel as I do? Let me explain, there are certain scents that I find tolerable in soap from, but once the scent intensifies upon lathering, I find the scent very disgusting...
  8. Latherati

    Artisan Soaps & Storage

    Hey y’all! I’ve been having lots of questions lately so sorry for another question. I know many of you have vast soap collections. My skin can only tolerate twice-weekly shaves, so the 6 soaps I have should last me a while. Can you guys recommend some containers or give me tips on keeping...
  9. Latherati

    Shaving Journey

    Hey Y’all! It’s been a lot of fun learning from many of you more knowledgeable wet shavers! How long did it take for you to find the right shaving routine that works for you? - How long did it take you to perfect your technique with a straight or safety razor? - How long did it take for you...
  10. Latherati

    Mike’s Vs Haslinger’s

    Hey Y’all!! Mike’s Natural Soaps and Haslinger schafmilch have their fans around these parts. Currently, I am working through my first puck of Mike’s, very easy lather and good post shave feel. I’m wanting to try some Haslinger schafmilch because of its good reviews around here, but I wanted...
  11. Latherati

    Soap Behavior

    Hello, I have been wet shaving for about 2 years. Until recently I would face lather exclusively. Since starting to bowl lather, I have found there are certain soaps that I had trouble building a quality lather when face lathering, that work quite well bowl lathering. Has anyone else found they...
  12. Latherati

    Difficult Soaps To Lather

    Hi everyone, Mitchell’s Wool Fat has the reputation of being a soap that’s difficult to get a good lather for a lot of people. What other soaps tend to be more difficult? I have learned so much from you all. Thank you!
  13. Latherati

    BBS & Lather

    Hello B&B!! I had a question about lather that might be a little silly to the more experienced wet shavers. First, I never expected to enjoy my shaves so much! Most of the time I don’t want to have to fiddle with lather, I just want a soap that produces rich, cushiony lather from the...
  14. Latherati

    What’s the scuttlebutt??

    Hello wonderful forum! You all were super helpful with my last inquiry for a Simpson super badger brush, that I have come here again to learn from this fine community. Up until now, I have been 100% a face latherer, but from time to time I have read the virtues of bowl lathering, so I’m...
  15. Latherati

    Chubby 1 vs Duke 3

    Hello fellow wet shavers!! The journey upon the road of wet shaving has been a delight! Along the way, I have acquired some great brushes--particularly the Duke 3. However, I have an idea that I would like to try the luxurious, pillowy-softness of the Simpson super badger hair. I'm strictly a...
  16. Latherati

    The Road to Curing SBAD

    As stated in another thread, I have been wet shaving for about a year. Thanks to this forum I have picked up a lot of great gear. My favorite forums to visit here are the Shaving Soaps (love trying new soaps) and the Shaving Brushes. Initially I dipped my toes into the wet shaving world by...
  17. Latherati

    Need a Doctor

    Hello friends. I have been a long time lurker and have enjoyed reading many threads. Thanks to the helpful information on this forum I dove into the world of wet shaving a little over a year ago. Quite unexpectedly I have enjoyed every minute of the experience--from buying my first blade sampler...
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