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  1. SharptoothC

    Fragrance to pair with RazoRock Puros aftershave

    I have really developed a fondness for RazoRock Puros aftershave. There's no edt of that scent. Anyone know of any scent that may match the tobacco scent in Puros? Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  2. SharptoothC

    Help identifying a pipe

    I am pretty new to pipes and picked this up at a secondhand store today. Can anyone help identify it? Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  3. SharptoothC

    I asked my wife to rate my frags, and...

    ...I'm looking for suggestions based on her likes and disklikes. My wife is not a big frag head. She likes what she likes, and when questioned about why, it is simply "I just like it", and that is that. So this list is not based on my preferences but on her reactions to the fragrances on the...
  4. SharptoothC

    Poor man's summer frags

    Since I really started my fragrance game as cooler weather was approaching, I am finding myself with a lot of cool weather fragrances. I need help with some good, BUDGET summer frags. Right now for Spring/Summer I have: Nautica Nautica Voyage Salvatore Ferragamo Aqua Essential Tommy Bahama St...
  5. SharptoothC

    PermaEdge or Monde...Either worth a try?

    I'm out flea marketing and found one of each in decent shape for a decent price, and I am wondering if either is worth a try? A quick search did not turn up much. Thanks! Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
  6. SharptoothC

    New favorite pastime

    I recently purchased my first pipe. It is a Missouri Meerschaum Cob. I've discovered that I really enjoy a bowl sitting on the porch listening to the rain, which has been a frequent opportunity of late. The tobacco blend is called Wilshire, from my local tobacco store. There's nothing much...
  7. SharptoothC

    First pipe - Help a newbie choose some tobacco

    So I am planning to get my first pipe this weekend. I am not a heavy smoker. I don't do cigs, just the occasional cigar, maybe 1-2 per month. I'm not looking to get into it for a lot of money. I just want the occasional Saturday night on the porch relaxer. I have made up my mind on a...
  8. SharptoothC

    Turned a corner with my Weck - no going back!

    So I've been into wet shaving for about four months now and so far I have amassed 3 DE razors, 3 brushes and various soaps. I was interested in straight razor shaving. Found a nice one in an antique shop and bought it. Then I decided that before sending it off for honing and putting money...
  9. SharptoothC

    Help a newbie buy a brush

    So I'm a couple of months into the whole DE shaving journey. When I started I purchased an inexpensive Shaveway badger brush. To be honest it's done a decent job, but I don't feel that it will hold up for the long term. I'm not in a position financially to really start "collecting", so I'm...
  10. SharptoothC

    Boker razor identification and vintage

    I recently picked up a Boker straight razor at an antique store. This is my first foray into straight razors and I plan to get it restored, though it seems in decent condition. I have been trying to identify it but have not been able to find one identical to it and I keep second guessing...
  11. SharptoothC

    Favorite Fall/Winter frags on a budget?

    I'm relatively new to the scent game, and I'm trying to slowly build up a stable of usable every day budget frags. Niche just isn't in my conversation right now with one child about to head to college, one a ten year old football player in a high school body, and one just breaking the ranks of...
  12. SharptoothC

    Brand newbie, needing shave soap wisdom and suggestions

    Hello folks. First time poster here, and a relative newbie to DE shaving. I find myself searching for my first real shave soap and, to be honest, rather overwhelmed by the vast possibilities. Thus far, my shaving lathers have consisted of a tube of Old Spice lather from India, and a tube of...
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