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    I need a new brew

    I usually drink Bustelo or Pilon. But after so many years, I’m looking for something new. Any suggestions? If it helps; I can’t stand Maxwell House. Folgers is ok but doesn’t do it for me. I wasn’t crazy about Yuban. Starbucks Pike Place is good not great. Lavazza was too strong a flavor for...
  2. J

    GFT Spanish Leather

    Anyone know where I can get the GFT Spanish Leather AS Splash? I have the tube cream, love the scent, and I’ve seen the cologne on a few sites but no splash.
  3. J

    First Straight Razor Shave

    I just finished up my first straight razor shave, after a few years of DE shaves. I got a 5/8 Ralf Aust round point as my first razor. Shaved great out of the box ( i have nothing else to compare it to though lol). I didn’t even strop, in fear of messing up the edge. No cuts or irritation. I did...
  4. J


    Anyone know of any cologne edc edt that is similar to Soap Commander's Passion scent. LOVE that scent, want something to last all day
  5. J

    Razorock Slant

    Anyone have or try the Razorock Bamboo handle slant saftey razor? Itailanbarber has it for a steller price. Decent slant? Worth buying?
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    spice cedar

    Can anyone chime in on if Ogallala bay rum spice cedar smells similar to chiseled face cedar and spice. Does the BR in the Ogallala take over the scent?
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    So i got a puck of Ogallala bay rum and a puck of bay rum sandalwood. No matter what brush i use i cant get that shine in the lather. Dont get me wrong lathers like a champ, slick as can be and post shave is just as good as any other soap i use. Just wont get that shiny look. Anyone else have...
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    new guy

    Hello fellow Badgers. Been DE shaving about a year. What better way to introduce than to tell my daily drivers, Edwin Jagger Kelvin, Omega 10066 Boar, TOBS Sandalwood (soap)/Stirling Bay Rum/Chiseled Face Ghost Town Barber, Permasharps, Pinaud Clubman or La Toja AS. Thanks for having me