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    Ming Shi 2000s futur lookalike

    I've been d.e. shaving maybe 4-5 years now I think. I've been overall happy with the concept but I've had an 'interesting' path and have never gotten 100 per cent satisfied with everything. (At it's worst it is about 8 times as good as multiblade or electric stuff). I've been through several...
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    Wanted to re-iterate something that happened two years ago.

    It has been almost two years now - and close to 3 years since I started DE shaving - when I broke my right elbow. I have been shaving with my left hand ever since. It works for me and I don't know why. I know I'm not a lighter shaver with that hand, I just think that it is the different...
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    Hitting it right from the beginning.

    I have posted many times and extensively about my quest to find the right razor and blade for myself. I have been through something like 30 different blades and around 7 different razors. (slim, vintage tech, weishi, rimei, indian plastic handled tech and a couple of other cheap chinese...
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    Lord blade opinions / comparisons

    Just wondering from the collective experience here. Specifically for Lord Blades: I like Shark Stainless I really like Asco Orange. I don't particularly like: Big Ben Lord Super Chrome Lord Platinum Class (not to say I can't use them, I just wouldn't want to buy more). (I have tried a lot...
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    Testing blade samples

    I have been at this a while but haven't really tried that many blades. I have issues trying to get a lot to work for me so i have gotten a nice big set of samples of some of the more popular plus some less popular that i gather may work for me. I have been less than happy with most of what...
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    Diary of a non-dominant hand shaver.

    Hi all Decided to put this here. I have had a couple of threads about my shaving, one in DE razors, one in DE blades. They had reasons for being where they were at the time, this thread has no such reason so I am putting it here. I am 9 or 10 months into DE shaving. I still don't have...
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    Number of strokes per shave - poll

    I saw this post and was intrigued, and disappointed at the poor responses. To me this is an intriguing subject and worthwhile pursuing. Therefore in order to quantify it I decided to make a poll. I have included both the number of passes and the number of strokes per pass to the limit of...
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    Aldi (prince) shave soap (Australia)

    I saw and bought a bar of this on spec today. Looked it up and barely found anything about it. One very negative review. Prince, Rumple and Pyne, For Men, Lather Up, Shave Soap. $4 200 gram. Given this negative review I really didn't want to trust it but decided to face lather it as an...
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    My (YMMV) comparison of different blades

    I have recently, finally, reached the nirvana that I have been seeking in the DE shaving journey. That is, for the first time I am now getting comfortable and consistent shaves daily. I now want to go through various blades, many tried before, and see how they now work for me in this new...
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    8 months - don't give up.

    I looked up my records. I started the journey in February and have had a string of issues. It has been depressing reading of people who have it down pat in three weeks or so. But! I have finally got it! Two straight weeks of low irritation, DFS shaves. A number of factors have been...
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    Blade suggestions

    I Have been shaving for about 6 months with DE. I have used shark stainless blades most and have experimented with a few others but most of the time has been getting my technique up to scratch before going through x number of blades. Sharks are decent but I don't really get a close enough...
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    did I make a good decision?

    I have been shaving with DE for just over one arko stick length of time. I am still a newbie and really haven't got things down pat yet. Still way better results than cartridge or electric. I recently got some sample blades to try out as I wasn't liking the shark stainless that I had been...
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    Newbie, thoughts etc.

    Hi all, just registered more so to be able to view pics at full size in threads than anything else. i have been trying out de shaving for a couple of months now. Having gone from schick Quattro and several phillips electrics. I am finding it an interesting if not totally satisfying journey...
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