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  1. 4ckb

    Mystery set - looking for information

    So, I recently took a gamble and bid on this set at an auction. Of course, times being what they are and all, I didn't have much information other than a picture or two and the auction was slightly (just a bit....lol) out of state. Lo and behold, my bid wins and a week later this shows up on...
  2. 4ckb

    NOS Rubberset 400-4

    I don't collect brushes much, preferring to buy old brushes and refit them with new knots for my own use, but couldn't pass up this NOS Rubberset 400-4 complete with box and handle tag. Just beautiful if I may say so myself! It'll go into my collection, stay unused and sit prominently next to...
  3. 4ckb

    Interesting 1914 Single Ring

    I love collecting single ring razors. I recently acquired this 1914 single ring (based on serial number). The plating is good, the teeth are good, there's no cracks in the handle. The patent date is on the tube as should be. What is interesting is that there are no other stampings on the...
  4. 4ckb

    ER 300L

    Vintage Ever Ready 300L polished and reknotted with a 22mm black and white synthetic knot from Maggard Razors. I love restoring lucite handled brushes, especially ones that have original lettering paint!
  5. 4ckb

    My Christmas razor

    Merry Christmas to you all. Once a year, on Christmas day, I pull this Gillette short comb out of my collection and shave with it. Based on the box, this razor was given as a company gift 81 years ago. I enjoy the history, both the known and untold, of my vintage collection.
  6. 4ckb

    Gillette President

    Of all the American produced Gillettes, I find the President to have the most 'curb appeal'. That rhodium handle and heavy nickel plate head just have a sparkle that can't be matched. What do you think? Here are four in my collection. Cased Y1 and, from left to right, Z1, Y1, and a smooth...
  7. 4ckb

    King C. Gillette Signature Single Ring - grail find - picture heavy

    Yes, my friends, there are still deals to be found on the 'Bay! I was perusing the 'Bay the week before last, looking for anything that caught my eye. I usually pass right by Single Rings, as I have quite a few in my collection, but this particular listing only had two pictures and I couldn't...
  8. 4ckb

    Fasan - just arrived!

    So this came in the mail today. This is the first Fasan in my collection of vintage razors. The razor and case are both in very fine shape minus a bit of the label missing on the inside of the lid. The slant on this razor is serious! I have a Razorock 37 Slant and it can't hold a candle to...
  9. 4ckb

    Epsilon Scottish Spirit

    Threw a bottle of Epsilon Scottish Spirit into my cart during a recent online order from Maggard Razors because the cost put me into the free shipping category. Having read that the scent was along the lines of Clubman, I was anxious to try it. After shaving this morning with an Arko stick, I...
  10. 4ckb

    Any info about this unmarked razor?

    Picked this up for a few bucks today. Only marking is Made in USA on baseplate. It's old and has seen use but isn't in bad shape. Heavily weighted to the handle end. Anyone have any info on maker, etc? Thanks.
  11. 4ckb

    WTB Brass injector key for Schick D, E or F

    Need a brass injector key for a Schick Type D, E or F. Need it to complete a set. Thanks!!
  12. 4ckb

    SR wild find - DD Wonderedge

    Found this in the wild today. I'm not a SR guy (DEs and injectors are my preferences currently) so I don't know much about this razor but recognized the brand and couldn't pass it up. It does not appear to have ever touched a stone/hone/strop. It is a 11/16, centers well although the pivot...
  13. 4ckb

    Brush ID help

    I know absolutely nothing about brushes but while hunting razors yesterday, I picked up this NOS boxed brush. The labeling on the box and brush is shown in the pictures. Could anyone give me some help in ID'ing this brush? Thanks!
  14. 4ckb

    Lighted display case

    Picked up a lighted display case for $40 at an auction earlier this week. Stocked it today and I'm pleased.
  15. 4ckb

    Finally found what I've been looking for in a scent which mimics the fall outdoors!

    As a hunter, there's not a finer scent than the fall woods as the leaves fall. The scent of dirt, crisp air, decaying leaves, etc. I've been looking for that scent in an aftershave since my wetshaving journey began. Most of those which espouse to mimic this outdoors scent don't even come...
  16. 4ckb

    Double Ring help needed -- picture heavy

    I recently picked this razor up in a lot of razors that I purchased. The razor appears to be a double ring and has both the Pat Nov 4 '15 on the barrel and a serial number of 53954 which would put it from 1905. Problem is, when screwed down snuggly, there is a gap between the base plate and...
  17. 4ckb

    Upcoming NYC day trip (Pasteur visit)

    Taking a day bus tour trip in a few weeks to NYC with the wife and daughter. As the bus is dropping us off on 34th at Macy's, I'll be in Pasteur's neighborhood. I've talking my wife into granting me one of the approximately seven hours we're in town to explore the store and pick up a few...
  18. 4ckb

    Schick E2 USA with Canadian case?

    I just picked this set up on that auction site for a grand total of $7.95. Both the razor and case are in excellent condition. The black bakelite case is marked as being made in Canada but the E2 razor is made in USA. Would it have been originally sold like this or is this a 'made up' set...
  19. 4ckb

    Star DE travel set

    I really enjoy the shaves I get from my Star DE, especially when loaded with a KAI blade. While searching in the wild today, I found an interesting travel set that didn't look like any other travel sets I've seen. I've bought, sold, and collected many travel sets over the past few years but...
  20. 4ckb

    Good day in the wild!

    Good day in the wild and spent a total of $42! Have to thank my brother who was also at the same flea market and found both the Senator and the Slim for $5 each!
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