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  1. john parker

    "Okay boomer..."

    That's what I thought of, too! Interestingly, one of my wife's nurses is an Air Force wife who says that boomer is what her Air Force husband was called because he operated a refueling boom on a tanker.
  2. john parker

    Favorite Cheap Or Affordable Colognes?

    Very like Calvin Klein Obsession.
  3. john parker

    Veteran's Day PIF: Barrister & Mann Beaudelaire Shaving Soap & Samples

    How generous! Would love to try it! Please count me in!
  4. john parker

    Help with laptop hard drive (or laptop) replacement

    This is all making me happy that I have a MacBook with Apple Care and iCloud.
  5. john parker

    Vermont Country Store

    Most of my experience with the Vermont Store has been for "vintage" scents. I think they are largely knock-offs and haven't been worth the expense.
  6. john parker


    Bless you!!
  7. john parker


    Can't find it for sale.
  8. john parker


    Post on another site reminded me to dig out my Klar Kabinett a few days ago. My, does the soap smell nice and is it ever easy to whip up an incredible lather! So I got on eBay to see if any Klar Kabinett might be floating around. Didn't find any, but did find this: Shaving Soap Almond...
  9. john parker

    Sitting Here Waiting for the IRS

    Fifteen minutes into third call I got a person! Had my answer about three minutes later! Hooray!
  10. john parker

    Classic atomizer recommendations?

    Think you are going to have to look for individual items labeled "pour" as you go down through listings. I believe that larger sized bottles of Caron Pour Un Homme are so listed. Or go to a site that sells decants. Probably a better idea because you could get smaller amounts and the job of...
  11. john parker

    Sitting Here Waiting for the IRS

    Waited another 33 minutes when a recording told me that my call cannot be completed at this time. Guess I will cool it for awhile.
  12. john parker

    Sitting Here Waiting for the IRS

    They picked up the phone after 48 minutes, then was put on hold while they looked up my file. Then another idiot (unknown caller) called me and caused the line to drop! Now I am starting from zero again!
  13. john parker

    Sitting Here Waiting for the IRS

    Been on hold with IRS for 45 minutes straight now. Their office in Ogden, UT. I know that Trump cut their funding and their manpower, but this is getting aggravating. Rather always looked at IRS as the "money-making" branch of government. Not going to make much at this rate!
  14. john parker

    Worlds oldest (still in production) aftershave?

    But Florida Water, at least L&M, still says eau de cologne on the bottle. From another aftershave foray I was led to believe that "aftershaves" have ingredients specifically designed to help the skin after shaving. I would be inclined to believe that before aftershaves people would have used...
  15. john parker

    Dress shirt collar size woes

    Thanks, yes, I have bought a set. Have only tried it once so far. Don't normally have an occasion to wear a tie, but will check it out a few more times before deciding.
  16. john parker

    PIF: One of my favorites: Cella (Dog not included.)

    Have never tried Cella, and would love to. Please count me in! Favorite soap at the moment is my last tallow AOS sandalwood. Never thought it would save that, because I don't think it smells all that much like sandalwood. But the scent is pleasant enough, and the lather is super great!
  17. john parker

    How does one get the tiny soap samples into a bowl?

    I read all the above with amazement and envy! I have never, ever had any success making these small soap samples into a useable lather despite having tried every method listed. I find the samples useful only for getting an idea of the scent.
  18. john parker

    Info Wanted on Valobra Soap

    Seeing the end of my AOS tallow sandalwood soap. Believe the reality or popular theory was that the AOS tallow shaving soap was made by Valobra. If that is so, can anyone tell me if the current Valobra soaps have the performance of the old, tallow AOS. Thanks!
  19. john parker

    Almond Scented Soap Recombination

    I will quietly and happily stick with my D.R. Harris Almond Soap!
  20. john parker


    I use Fine's Green Vetiver, and haven't noticed any menthol (which is fine with me). Honestly haven't reviewed the ingredients, but if I had noticed menthol I wouldn't have bought it.