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    FS Swedish Quadruplets Mk31 Mk32 Mk42 Mk4

    Gentlemen, I hope all of you are well and not bored (I know I am). I quit shaving ages ago and I decided to sell off most of my extensive collection of straight razors. I'd really like to sell these 4 razors as one single lot. If there are no takers in a few weeks time, I might delete the ad...
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    FS Set of two Ralf Aust straight razors

    Gentlemen, Since I don’t shave anymore (well, maybe once every three months or so), I’ve decided to let go of a part of my collection of (mainly straight) razors. First to go is something I consider out of the ordinary: a set of two razors by Ralf Aust. Therefore it is contemporary...
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    The search for my watch

    Gentlemen, Since I stopped acquiring razors, hones, shaving creams & soaps and other paraphernalia, I found myself with a bit of spending money. And, it is a truth universally acknowledged that a man in possession of a bit of pocket money must be in want of a good watch! So I set about...
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    celluloid fountain pens - should we ? improvement in production process ?

    Gentlemen, I'm fairly recent to the hobby of fountain pens. That is, I've recently started using fountain pens after a hiatus of some 20 years or so. The last few years were years that I've been busy with that other hobby: straight razors. Now, those of you who use and collect straight razors...
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    Creed Green Irish Tweed aftershave balm

    Hi, Does anyone here have experience with the Creed GIT aftershave balm ? (1) functionally: how does it work? What's the consistency? (2) I assume the smell is exactly like GIT, but how long does it last? Is it strong enough to be worthwile? Thanks! Decraew
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    Lorenzo Villoresi shaving soap

    Hi all, Has anyone tried one of Lorenzo Villoresi's shaving soaps ? I'm interested in the shaving soap of the Uomo line, but I hesitate to buy it as I consider it quite costly at 20 EUR / 100gram. Also, I don't know whether it's any good. Thanks, D
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