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  1. GR5233

    Unusual cocktails

    I have a couple bottles of liquor that I need to use up. One bottle of kahlúa (an ex girlfriend liked White Russians) and a bottle of Kirkland bourbon. Took equal parts of each and topped off with sweet tea. It turned out to be pretty good. Let’s hear about any unusual drinks or cocktails that...
  2. GR5233

    Haitian fried pork

    I’ve recently been able to try this amazing dish. It’s cubed pork shoulder that’s been marinated in lime juice, sour orange juice, onion, spices and a scotch bonnet. Then it’s braised until tender and then deep fried to crisp it up
  3. GR5233

    Chiseled Face cedar and spice

    I had this soap arrive on Saturday but too late for my shave that day so had to wait until Sunday to try it. Been using it since Sunday. My routine is to shower and wash my face in the shower. Then run water in the sink as I’m drying off. Then soak my brush for about 30 seconds followed by my...
  4. GR5233

    Le Baignuer

    Has anyone here heard of this brand? Or have tried it? Tried looking at their website but it’s in French and unfortunately I don’t speak French
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