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  1. J

    I see that you too are a fountain pen fiend? What flavor does your addiction come in? Mine...

    I see that you too are a fountain pen fiend? What flavor does your addiction come in? Mine seems to be of the 1950s USA and German made self-fillers. :)
  2. J

    What music are you listening to now?

    The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets - The Shadow out of Tim
  3. J

    Linux Mint

    Hehhe..."suggested." I've been using Opera again, since it looks not-horrible on KDE, so there were a few days of right click > block! but things are pretty clean now. As for email, I don't use Mutt for everything, but man is it good to just have text and email and text and get the...
  4. J

    Linux Mint

    Right now its KDE 3.5, as a slalom back from the Fluxbox I'd been using under Wolvix. I'm enjoying the more feature-rich side of things, and the way all the K applications play nicely together. :redface: If it helps, I do boot to the command line, (whose Runlevel escapes me at the moment) and...
  5. J

    Newbie saying hallo

    Aren't places like this just a way to get a group of codependents together, so we don't feel so bad about the AD? (he asks, reshelving his $40 copy of Trail of Cthulhu in with his other gaming books, now pleasantly digested down to a modest number) At least with this particular flavor I can...
  6. J

    What Are You Reading?

    I just read The King In Yellow, by Robert W. Chambers I am reading The House On The Borderland, by William Hope Hodgson (god, its good!) And up next is going to be a crash re-read of the collected works of H.P. Lovecraft, because the man is still a genius of inspiration. In between...
  7. J

    Linux Mint

    *looks around. Reads thread backchatter. Is utterly not surprised.* :D Hello there, fellow nerds, from a deliciously fast Slackware 12.1 system, because dang if the longer I use this stuff the less I want between me and my system.
  8. J

    Newbie saying hallo

    It isn't quite as vintage as some of my other interests, like this beautiful condition ~1940s Smith-Corona Silent I have sitting on my desk and demanding that it be used to manufacture stories, but its so...minimalist that I can't help but be attracted. I work for Paradise Pen at the moment...
  9. J

    Newbie saying hallo

    Hey there, folks. A friend of mine (whose screen name I actually don't know, now that I think of it...) has been praising this place for an age and a day, and I saw the awesome deals going on at the trading board, so I figured I should finally give in and register. I've been using a bowl...
  10. J

    Getting equipped

    That first straight razor is gorgeous. As for missing spots with shaving, I'm very new to DE use, but from the couple of times I've done it so far, I couldn't even tell I was getting a shave until I was done, at which point I realized that my face was silky smooth except one patch that I...
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