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  1. JFurlong

    FS: Filarmonica JMP 14

    Payment received. Thanks everyone. Can a MOD change the title to reflect Sold status?
  2. JFurlong

    FS: Filarmonica JMP 14

    Thanks! SOLD pending funds.
  3. JFurlong

    FS: Filarmonica JMP 14

    For sale is a Filarmonica Doble Temple JMP 14. Priced at $275.00 shipped. The condition is shown in the pictures. This razor is NOT shave ready. The blade measures a full 8/8 at the front and 15/16 at the rear. I got this razor a while ago and never got around to using it due to it not being...
  4. JFurlong

    Re-Deployment PIF

    Congratulations to the winner! At least the stuff is going to some new wet shavers. And thanks for the opportunity, great PIF.
  5. JFurlong

    Re-Deployment PIF

    Assuming you will ship to FPO I am in. For me the best thing about being in the military is how much you can appreciate everything you have back home because of the deployments. Not having all the things you take for granted every day makes you appreciate it more once you finally get it back...
  6. JFurlong

    Repurposed metal travel case w/ pics

    Feel free to use! I think I will try the high density foam, and good luck on your own, just post the pics here so I can see!
  7. JFurlong

    Repurposed metal travel case w/ pics

    So I have always wanted to have a travel or storage kit that stood out, but the issue is you can't really buy something pre-made that someone else doesn't already have, so I made my own. I found the metal box at an antique mall, and I cut out the foam with my hobby knife, I think it looks pretty...
  8. JFurlong

    Irritation in the same place

    Ok I have been easing myself into all aspects of wet shaving, and have recently decided I'm going to stop using cartridge all together, as I finally got my gillette se. The shaves are super smooth but I notice I am getting irritation on my neck in the same place every time, I have mapped my face...
  9. JFurlong

    500 POST + Birthday PIF

    I'm in, amazing PIF and happy birthday.
  10. JFurlong

    1234 pif

    I'm in. Never used a DE at all I've got two straights in the last month but that's it...
  11. JFurlong

    My first straight arrived today.

    Got my first cut yesterday as a matter of fact, just a small one on the cheek. Had just gotten my razor back from being honed by Jon. Guess we know it was sharp right? I'm not likely to be leaving my skin loose in the near future.
  12. JFurlong

    Looking for 1st straight razor

    Well there are several options if you want a straight razor. The three most popular options as I've seen so far are these; Larry at has a sight unseen razor that is a good deal for beginners, I have not dealt with WD but hear nothing but good things. The sight unseen won't be the...
  13. JFurlong

    Found my grandpa's old razors

    There is a Art Of Shaving in Kansas City. It might have something for cleaning them up, if not at least they have the other thinks you will need if you plan on straight shaving.
  14. JFurlong

    first straight just showed up.

    I literally just got my razor back from using this exact offer. Great experience, razor came back absolutely shave ready and Jon was a pleasure to deal with. Would highly recommend.
  15. JFurlong

    Straight Razors Goods in PR

    Wow. Wish I had that kind of luck, I can barely even find a straight in an antique store where I'm at. Let alone a fili.
  16. JFurlong

    First straight shave

    I am also new to straight shaving and I had head about switching hands before my first shave. In my opinion it's less awkward and even more so since I'm not used to doing it any other way. Also what is the purpose of rubbing the alum on after the shave but before the a/s?
  17. JFurlong

    New family member.

    I have one in horn scales with a Spanish tip in the mail as we speak! It got sent out on Saturday. Can't wait to try it out. btw yours looks really good and I'm glad it shaves well!
  18. JFurlong

    Well, look at that. 2,000 Posts.PIF Time!

    Good win Craig! Enjoy.
  19. JFurlong

    Do I need to lap my hones?

    Thanks. I'll do that
  20. JFurlong

    Do I need to lap my hones?

    New to straight shaving, also new to honing. I sent one razor off to be honed, and am having another shipped to me that is also shave ready from a hobbyist here. The second while shave ready is going to be for all purposes my test dummy for learning how to hone. But before I get there I want to...