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  1. Mr. Igg

    Noise Cancelling Headphones?

    Gents, I need noise cancelling headphones. Badly. While I do travel some, and could benefit from the headphones in that area, my primary need right now is in my office which has--no kidding--a building construction project about 100 feet away. Just today, during a meeting in my office...
  2. Mr. Igg

    Cedar EDC/EDT Recommendations?

    I searched, but didn't quite find the answer I was hoping to nuance; so, with the obligatory slap-me-with-a-fish-if-I-missed-it apologies... My wife likes the scent of cedar (a lot). Obvious conclusion: I need a cedar-based EDC/EDT. Happily, she concurs. The Problem: I don't have a...
  3. Mr. Igg

    Your favorite cheap aftershave

    Nivea ASB -- yet another fan here Jason's 98% Aloe Gel--just got 8 oz from Amazon for around $9 Brut is actually pretty good, too.
  4. Mr. Igg

    Best low priced soap?

    Yep. While I understand, and agree with, the advocacy for the others, on a pure price/performance basis, I can't imagine beating Arko. The risk with Arko is the scent, which off-puts some gents (it's a neutral soap scent to me, but I'm not the champion sniffer); but, if it passes the nose-test...
  5. Mr. Igg

    Yes Another WBSIG Question.

    I truly cannot imagine you'll be disappointed. Shavemac was at the top of my list when I saw your specs. I love mine.
  6. Mr. Igg

    A tulip in bloom

  7. Mr. Igg

    Can all soaps be melted down?

    I can't help with your amping-up-the-Dove idea, but another option is to consider that VDH and Conk are made by the same company. You might be sensitive to something in those soaps particularly, or to fragrances in soaps generally. Lots of makers have non-fragranced soaps and creams you can...
  8. Mr. Igg

    D.R Harris tallow soap

    What he said. Top notch stuff.
  9. Mr. Igg

    Getting Tabac out of bowl

    What he said.
  10. Mr. Igg

    Is AoS Shaving Soap tallow based?

    Well, I suppose technically waiting is the "proper" thing to do; but, naw...AoS is a flat out awesome soap that can hold its own with any competitor, IMHO. :thumbup:
  11. Mr. Igg

    Is AoS Shaving Soap tallow based?

    Good news! We've discovered the hold-up on the transfer, and if you'll wire another $300 for processing fees, we can send the money immediately. :jump:
  12. Mr. Igg

    Heretic and embarrassed..

    We've got plenty of lists of "good value" creams and soaps on the board; a little searching will pull them up. [Good value is always in the eye of the beholder, but the general intent is to find products that are comparatively inexpensive--say, less than $10 certainly, and often less...
  13. Mr. Igg

    What to do about post-shave dry and taunt feeling

    All good input that you should absolutely consider. Don't overlook, though, that the ASB might not be up to par for your needs. I haven't tried the brand you mentioned; but, there's a good thread about different aftershaves for different skin types...
  14. Mr. Igg

    TOBS degradation

    Exactly. When creams harden on me: hello, soft soap! :biggrin1: My Ingram's also went that direction on me. No explanation, but also no real complaints. It worked well to the end.
  15. Mr. Igg

    Creating Lather With Large Brushes

    Sounds like how I do it. Anyone else?
  16. Mr. Igg

    Creating Lather With Large Brushes

    Larger brushes need more cream/soap and hold more lather, generally. If you use the dip-and-twist method to load the brush (dip brush in tub of cream and give it a half twist or so), the brush will pretty much self-regulate how much cream it loads.
  17. Mr. Igg

    AOS soap vs Cade soap

    I love this line. It's true (for me), too. I like lots of products, but AOS soap is one of the few that I'd really regret not having around. (I like CADE, too.)
  18. Mr. Igg

    Best Cream for Irritation free shave?

    When I have irritation, Taylor's Avocado is a go-to for me. I'm almost out, so I'll have to figure out whether to reload or branch out. As to those that lead to irritation, thankfully creams generally work OK for me, with the exception of the much (and justly, IMHO) maligned Cade cream...
  19. Mr. Igg

    Please Recommend a Soap

    Unfortunately, scent is, as I'm sure you know. My wife, she of the bionic nose, says Tabac smells "clean, like soap". So, compare that with flowers, a funeral home, the 70s, and whatever else, and you get the idea: YMMV. The good news: You can sell a puck in about 18 seconds here. MWF: As...
  20. Mr. Igg

    My Speick Cream Got Hard

    That's the answer to the practical what-to-do-about-it-now part of your question. Tom's creams were notorious like this, but those creams are easily my favorite soft soap now! :thumbup:
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