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  1. dieselfuel79

    RR Project Unlabelled

    Yikes! That’s unfortunate. I really like the scent, and as you’ve mentioned the performance is fantastic. Sorry it didn’t work out for you.
  2. dieselfuel79

    Proraso Preshave half empty is normal?

    Agreed with the fellas here. Should be filled to the top. I have a few in my stash. Here’s a new green one, unused.
  3. dieselfuel79

    Proraso Irritating

    No issues with any of the Proraso line over here. I usually find it actually calms my skin if I use something else that irritates my skin from the previous shave. 🪒
  4. dieselfuel79

    RR Project Unlabelled

    Had my first shave this morning with the unlabelled. I found it very easy to lather with a boar brush. The scent while shaving is a bit more complex than first thought. Yesterday I was sold on GFT Spanish leather type scent. Today it’s more of a layered scent. Still leathery, still mildly...
  5. dieselfuel79

    RR Project Unlabelled

    Received the unlabelled the mail today. It’s getting cold here in Winnipeg, so the scent was a little “meh” when I opened the package. It was sitting outside all day. It’s had about an hour to warm up and I have to say I really like the scent profile. When someone says “It smells like a...
  6. dieselfuel79

    Proraso Cream

    I’m really enjoying the Single blade Azure Lime from Proraso. But out of the originals, it’s green for me.
  7. dieselfuel79

    Proraso new packaging designs 2019?

    From his emails, IB is moving to a new warehouse and he’s trying to sell off some product to lighten the move.
  8. dieselfuel79

    Proraso Green

    I will always have Proraso green in stock. Big fan of the pre-shave, cream and AS splash.
  9. dieselfuel79

    RR Project Unlabelled

    I haven’t seen any reviews of the Razorock’s new offering called “Project Unlabelled”. I won’t get into the details about why there’s no label, but you can check out their website if you’re interested I guess. Description shows as a new “Tallow and Clay” combination and is fougere scent inspired...
  10. dieselfuel79

    Proraso Single Blade question

    Just received the Azur Lime last week. Wonderful shave cream. What I did was squirt some into a bowl, add a few drops of water and then break it up a bit with my thumb. Then lather with a brush add water as needed.
  11. dieselfuel79

    RazoRock SLOC DE razor

    Just for variety’s sake, this is a great razor if you’re using it as a daily driver. For me, if I go 4-5 days without shaving (I have fairly fast growing whiskers) the SLOC is not so efficient. I’ve experimented with this now using Personna red, Gillette yellow, Personna blue, Nacet and I...
  12. dieselfuel79

    My first shave with a Razorine

    I’ll chime in. I received a brass razorine when they first came out and had a similar issue as you with the blade alignment. It wasn’t as pronounced as yours but still noticeable. Gianni was contacted and without any hesitation, sent me a new cap. Problem solved, alignment is perfect (to my eye)...
  13. dieselfuel79

    New to Proraso shave cream What am I doing wrong?

    Just for fun, skip the bowl lathering. Apply your cream to your wet brush and try building the lather on your face.
  14. dieselfuel79

    New Cella Bio line

    Bump. BUELLER??
  15. dieselfuel79

    First time with new Proraso green pre shave

    Do you think you’d be able to tell the difference in a side by side comparison between regular Proraso and the new “Super Formula” regarding: - Scent - Latherability (if this isn’t a word, it is now.) - Face glide or protection the cream offers Or is it pretty much the same ol’? Not that I’d...
  16. dieselfuel79

    Attending Barber program at Bates Technical College in Tacoma, WA.

    When I retire in 15 or so years, I’d love to be a barber.
  17. dieselfuel79

    Why are cheap shaves always so good?

    Evening gents, Do any of you ever find that when you want to just have a decent shave, the cheap stuff always comes through? After a 7 day work week, and the weather starting to cool off with rain and wind, a hot shower and shave was just what I needed. I opened a new puck of Williams that...
  18. dieselfuel79

    New Cella Bio line

    Any other reviews of this? I’ve seen the YouTube videos that are in Italian, and unless I get my wife to translate- I’m not going to find out any more info on the scent profile.