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    Why the Bevel’s Angle is Important

    Hi!!! Its been forever guys!!! So many factors in the honing game! The razor steel, angles, stones, hones, pastes, leathers, linens, abrasives, qi and the users touch and in the end all that matters is the shavers preference The near endless journey that it takes to figure that out drives one...
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    Why the Bevel’s Angle is Important

    Yo!!! Whats good guys!!!
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    FS M & F Chubby

    My custom M & F Chubby 33 knot 46 loft Lee made it to have excellent flow through soft feel excellent backbone works amazing on soaps or creams $600
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    Why the Bevel’s Angle is Important

    wow amazing read!
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    R41 experiment with Feather and Astra

    my fav R41 feather and titanium handle
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    Mr. Lee Sabini where are you ?

    I bought a brush from Lee a few yrs ago. We went back and forth on that one was very kind and helpful with everything. He even took interest in my strops I used to make and made conversation on them. Ive written him a few times here and there these past couple of years without a response. Even...
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    30mm experience?

    I have a large thater bulb 3 band 31x50 Most large brushes will take more product to get them going. Its an experience that smaller brushes just dont give. Since its a fan youre looking at that thing will spay more for sure. I prefer my silvertips to be bulb shaped it gives them more backbone...
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    Robert Williams Purist Razor

    Beautiful razor I had one made for me back in the day. It was to be straight no waves and with no finger notches but it came wavy with the finger notches and I didn't like it for that reason only. To me it just didnt feel right in the hadn but I held on to it any way and sold it when times got...
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    Le Grelot Hospital

    Ive had a few of these old le grelots and I agree some of the very best shavers out there. In fact thats all I kept in my den after all these years. They can be hard to dial in but once they are its pure bliss. Im willing to help hone it up free of cost.
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    Holy Grail Completed (vanity post)

    really amazing and beautiful!!! I want to see the blades pulled a little out of their shells
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    Make your own brush?

    Im sad they trim the tips :\
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    Handle material?

    Ive had many but I prefer the resin plastic stuff most
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    How To Break In A Brush & Get The Funk Out

    Wow this thread is still going! :) Ive now reduced the method to washing it a few times with shampoo or dish soap then let it sit loaded with soap or cream. Yes indeed Neffarious I would say the magic of the defunking is in the long sit with soap or cream and works best loaded not lathered.
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    SOTD " Vintage" Theme Week 9-15 Dec 2013

    30's Le Grelot for tough beards - Ambrose Brush Scuttle V3 by Sara Bonnyman - Eton College Shave Cream - Bullgoose Vielong Silvertip Beehive - Ambrose 2inch Select Horse Table Strop :biggrin1:
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    Post your most beautiful brush!

    woah what is that blue one! very nice stuff
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    Help me pick my next brush, Thater, Shavemac, Rooney?

    moondoggie, the 3 band thater that sport an extreme bulb lends to further support giving it more backbone than a fan or fan/bulb with 3 band. I see scratch and scritch as the same thing only depends on how your face interprets it. There is also the vie long I mentioned from bullgoose 3 band bulb...
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    Help me pick my next brush, Thater, Shavemac, Rooney?

    I have all of these brushes and for what you are after I would vote the same thater you like but in 3 band not 2 band. The 2 band thaters are less dense than the 3 and the 3 are much softer and have excellent backbone especially the smaller sizes. I find shavemacs, and rooneys to have scratchy...
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    Thaeter - Family Pictures

    Beautiful ! This pushed me over the edge and a 2 band is on the way to add to my two 3 band THÄTERS :D
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    GOTD- Green of the Day

    Shincha Matcha - 1940's chawan
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