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  1. nav

    Frank Shaving synthetic G5 rumor

    Could you please share the link? I can't find it anywhere on Amazon.
  2. nav

    Bar soap rabbit hole.

    My regular bath and shampoo soap is neev natural. All scented with EO and just awesome performance! (Doesn't help you guys much as this is only available here in India) Other soaps I have which my sister in law brought back for me from her trips... - pure olive oil soaps, from Greece - nesti...
  3. nav

    Amazing discounts at above the tie

    Check out the great deals at above the tie. Their new Windsor Pro SS is just $99. And Windsor and Classic with huge discounts!!
  4. nav

    Fine Marvel Razor measured up + first shave report.

    Same here. I hated it! One of the most bitey razors I've ever used!!
  5. nav

    Yaqi synthetic brushes - your opinions?

    They are superb brushes!! And Yaqi is the king of value for money!
  6. nav

    ATT blade exposure

    The below post explains it perfectly. On the ATT Windsor, the blade gap is 0.90mm and the amount of blade that is showing (i.e. Sticking out past the top cap) is just 1mm. This gives the blade incredible rigidity and this translates to a more comfortable shave. I don't understand why all...
  7. nav

    safety razor head covers

    The razor head cover by spaceman leather, available at Yates Precision site is just mind blowing awesome!
  8. nav

    First shave with Mitchell’s Wool Fat

    That's not exactly true either, sorry to say. I have used MWF for over a decade (in a large rotation) and I don't soak the puck, nor bloom it prior to use. I keep it as dry as possible. I load for 20 seconds and add water as I go. Never had an issue.
  9. nav

    Oil the Threads of a DE Razor?

    I clean my razors once every few months. I never disassemble after each shave. After a clean, I apply one drop of silicone lubricant to the thread since I don't clean my razors often and want to protect the thread from potential damage. I don't baby my stuff at all so thought I should take...
  10. nav

    ATT blade exposure

    I didn't mean the info is incorrect. I'm pointing out that blade "exposure" of the Karve F is 0.22mm, not blade "reveal"...which is 1.5mm of the ATT. It's comparing apples to oranges. An actual blade exposure of 1.5mm would peel off skin instead of just cutting hair 😬
  11. nav

    ATT blade exposure

    This is inaccurate... ATT refers to "exposure" as blade reveal. The classic has 1.5mm of blade sticking out from the edge of the top cap. Windsor has 1mm, which makes it a very smoooooth razor!
  12. nav

    TGN Grade A Silvertip Knot Scritchy

    When did you get yours? I got mine about 7 years ago. I suspect the knots were untreated back then. These days, practically all vendors are stocking gelled knots...which I absolutely hate! They feel slimy on the face. I like untreated knots that give presence on the face without scritch...
  13. nav

    TGN Grade A Silvertip Knot Scritchy

    The Grade A is unfortunately a scritchy knot. I sold mine off (years ago) as it as too much for my skin.
  14. nav

    dropped my hard soap and broke it

    I dropped a traditional olive oil bath soap my sis in law got for me from Greece, and it broke in half! It's the most amazing bath soap I've ever used so I ended up using the two halves up as best I could.
  15. nav

    Best $100 DE Razor

    +5 on the Rockwell 6S.
  16. nav

    DE razor with Minimal or NO blade feel?

    I consider "low blade feel" doesn't relate to how mild a razor is. Like the blue tip or feather ASD2 or tech etc are mild and by default low blade feel. What I consider more pertinent is a razor that is designed to be efficient, yet smooth... I.e. Low blade flex/chatter. The Karve D plate is...
  17. nav

    A Review Of The Rockwell Model T

    I prefer the 6S/6C shave personally.
  18. nav

    What's your soap for today?

    Nice! Glad you enjoyed it. I find it to perform better with a synthetic brush (although most soaps perform better with a synthetic brush). The Spanish fig & nutmeg scent is a beauty too!
  19. nav

    ATT Windsor Pro - First Use

    The Windsor Pro has enough exposure to feel the blade on the face but not so much that it feels harsh.
  20. nav

    ATT Windsor Pro - First Use

    I've used both the SS and AL Windsor Pro razors. I'll post a full review in coming days but initial impressions: Both razors are beautiful! Perfect design, finishing and quality. The SS is heavy but we'll balanced. Feels great in the hand. I got a great, close shave with no irritating. It's...
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