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    FS M & F Chubby

    My custom M & F Chubby 33 knot 46 loft Lee made it to have excellent flow through soft feel excellent backbone works amazing on soaps or creams $600
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    New Custom Shavemac

    Ive got a new item in my den, its a custom shavemac/rudy brush. Its made of high figured snakewood, 22mm silvertip flat top knot, 50 loft, rooney style 2 handle 54 handle height. First off special thanks to Rudy Vey for going out of his way to make this happen. Also for Bernd with his...
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    Almost Home

    I had this custom brush in the works for sometime now. Its a shavemac rudy custom :thumbup1: I cannot wait!! here are a few pics of it. Specs: Snakewood - deep with red tones high figure Silvertip - flat top, 22 knot, 50 loft Rooney style 2, height 54 I wanted something opposite of what I...
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    TI Hospital Le Grelot For Tough Beards

    I picked this TI Hospital Le Grelot For Tough Beards a while back and finally got it in the other day. I hated the original scales so I made some new ones out of a snake wood chunk I had here. I went with a one piece snakewood look, the wood has a few checks but all stable. The blade had a small...
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    Help Choose My Knot - New Brush

    Im getting a new custom shavemac, specs are 20mm knot extreme flat top silver tip, not sure what loft :biggrin1: I wanted this brush to be the opposite of my D01 2 band which is 22,42,. Im wanting a nice soft and fluffy type of brush :blush: I fear if I go too long then it will be too floopy...
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    Super Doll

    I got this Super Doll razor today, its a japanese western 6/8 full hollow, the scales were warped and the blade hitting. I gave it some new scales and an inlay transfer, I fudged the inlay a little, notice the little legs :blushing: oops I shaved with it a while ago and it was very super duper...
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    Heljestrand No6

    I found this Heljestrand No6 on the cheap $35 I decided to rescue her. Fixed the tiny chip at the tip, and made some custom all faux tortoise scales. The shave was nice and dreamy last night :thumbup1: This ones all mine guys dont even ask :tongue_sm
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    Scales Over The Weekend

    Some scales over the weekend :001_smile A Couple of Wapis - gold pearl, faux tortoise Solingen - gold pearl Torrey - White Cream Marble Jones - Royal Glitter Red Imp - Black Pearl Uno 520 - Strawberry Pearl Filarmonica Inlay Hornet - Bronze Pearl
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    Thiers issard Frame Back - Black Marble

    Tuned up the scales for a friend and member here azmark :thumbup1:, black marble acrylic scales with a blonde horn pin-less wedge, it was to be white acrylic but he wont mind. :tongue_smKept these scales classy with a touch of ambroski style :001_smile I also tuned up the edge, Mark is a...
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    FREE Honing

    So I got some new honing toys :thumbup: Im very happy with the results ive been getting recently, and feel they are the best in all my time. In celebration and excitement I want to offer 5 free honings to 5 members, with up to two blades per member, owner pays ship. Please no heavy grinds, no...
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    Boker Tune Up - Hot Orange

    I wanted to share this with you guys. A little boker got a tune up in some hot orange acrylic. 5/8 blade, pin-less black wedge, finger notched scales, nickel silver pin. I didnt think I would like orange but I do like the way these came out. :001_smile
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    Little Bro First Straight Shave

    So my little bro only, 15 just shaved with a straight for the first time. I helped coach him after he watched me straight shave. I set him up with my H diamond japanese western, my custom shavemac, and the bomb bay rum cream. Only a few nicks but nothing major a real success. :thumbup1: He got...
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    Revisor Tune Up

    This revisor had rust and water spots on the blade. I took care of that with out compromising the beautiful etching. I gave it a new pair of candy red scales black pin-less wedge, with scale finger notches. I also gave the blade a heavy treatment with tuf-cloth to make it resistant to corrosion...
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    New Kyusu

    I just got a new kyusu in yesterday, Im so very happy with it. I love the way it pours and I am finding its rounding off my japanese greens just a bit making them smoooth and tasty. :001_smile Its a black natsume biri teapot by Gyokko at 7.8oz to the rim, 7oz seems to fit it best, and the brew...
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    Lots of lurkers ?

    Is this real? do we have this many lurkers hanging around, or is this some sort of glitch ? 1711 guests 1523 people scoping out BST too If this is true lurkers come on in and join :thumbup1: sorry I cropped the screen shots a bit small
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    GTP - Ambrose Brush Scuttle Version 2

    First things first if you dont remember version 1 read HERE Changes After using version 1 for a while I decide to see if I could make a few changes. I changed the out side chamber to be a round shape, the inner chamber is now shorter and the handle is more like the current G5 style. Those are...
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    Fixed up this W&B beater a bit, put it in high figured koa, pin-less bloodwood wedge
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    I love B&B

    I just thought I would take a minute to say I love B&B :thumbup1: and the people in it and that run it. The best darn shaving forum out there !
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    Custom D01 2 Band Shavemac

    Ok well some of you guys may know Ive been waiting on this brush for quite sometime. Its been over 6 weeks after I placed the order to get it here. Was it worth it? In a nut shell oh yes! I sure think so :thumbup: Where to start, where to start? lets start here. After owning many nice high...
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    Steve is Da Man ! Jas-e Tea Does It Again

    My brother has been down for the past few weeks. So we have been hanging out having fun. It ends up he is into japanese teas so we get to talking and he has never had sheng puerh or a nice oolong. Long story short we had a very nice time drinking all kinds of teas that he wanted his own set up...
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