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  1. profsaffel

    New Messenger Bag

    After the inspiring thread about Saddleback Leather and such, I came across this gorgeous piece at Wilson Leather. It's mostly leather, messenger bag design, with plenty of storage for my iPad, laptop, papers, pens, and sundry. Not the 500 dollar variety but certainly not the cheapest bag on the...
  2. profsaffel

    Dimensions of B&B Essential

    I'm in the market for a new brush. As I cruise the online stores, I come to the realization that this would be much easier if I had something to compare these brushes to. So I am looking at my 2007 BBE and thinking "what is the loft height on this thing" compared to a 19mm or a 22mm (or...
  3. profsaffel

    James Avery bracelet

    I received this as a Father's Day gift. Certainly my style. My wife bought me a necklace of similar design a year ago and I've worn it often, especially with casual dress clothes, work, church... Any one else wear James Avery?
  4. profsaffel

    Any one here from/in/been to Morocco?

    As a summer project, I'm researching Abraham Lincoln's Legacy in Morocco. This should be a publishable work when it's finished. I would appreciate some help with leads. :thumbup1: So, anyone here from Morocco and happen to see a street named after the 16th US President? (or any similar...
  5. profsaffel

    Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

    Despite always having an eye for brunettes, I married a blond. I don't know if it's due to the 50's movie or the phrase came first, but I've always heard "Gentlemen prefer blondes." Does this hold true for you? This should go without saying, but "keep it gentlemanly", please.
  6. profsaffel

    Coogi Australia Sweater

    Recently, some friends of the family (who happen to be much more wealthy than myself) gave me a sweater (it was too small for the man). It's Coogi brand, an expensive Australian woven sweater. The colors are a little wild for me, but I gave it back because it was still much to big for me. So...
  7. profsaffel

    The Great Pumpkin

    As my four year old watches "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" the second time, chuckling and giggling and smiling along the way, I couldn't help but reflect... I think the The Great Pumpkin movie is more than just a classic - it's fantastic entertainment (with some subtle social and...
  8. profsaffel

    Oh, Milord - Tech!!!

    Hi, all you safety razor fans out there. While traveling through one of my favorite stomping grounds for antique shopping, I came across this: Thanks to a short discussion with Jim (sol92258) and the extensive cataloging work of our very own AsylumGuido, I've determined that this is a 1941...
  9. profsaffel

    He's Too Well Behaved for a Custom Title

    Yep, galpman has reached the 2000 posts mark! Congrats! :clap:
  10. profsaffel

    skklog reaches 1K!!!

    Gratz, skklog! :001_smile
  11. profsaffel

    What a Four Year Old Hears…

    Recently, my wife and I got in the habit of doing a little ten minute lesson with our four year old son most evenings, usually after bath time. Sometimes, my wife teaches him how to write his name or I work with him on dinosaurs or outline Texas or repeat the pledge of allegiance or some other...
  12. profsaffel

    Keurig Lovers, Unite!

    After searching through the forum, I noticed a few threads exist that discuss the pros and cons of the Keurig K-Cup coffee maker. However, let's put any debate aside. I know there are a few of you out there, like myself, that enjoy their Keurig. So, you other Lovers of the K-Cup, let's talk...
  13. profsaffel

    In Praise of Rousage Poulin

    I ordered for the first time from Scott at Rousage Poulin. I must say, it was a pleasurable experience. They were fast, friendly, and efficient. I not only received my product, but a couple of free samples as well as a THANK YOU letter. I am serious. A thank you letter? That's practically...
  14. profsaffel

    My First Straight-Help Identify It

    I am a DE shaver. I haven't even convinced myself I want to TRY straight shaving, but as I was rummaging through the flee market finds, I ran across a carbon steel SE that begged me to buy it. $20. I thanked him and walked away, razor in pocket. He had no idea what he had or what material it was...
  15. profsaffel

    The Wickiup Thread

    Not your typical 'gentlemanly indulgence', but this is my latest completed (well, almost) project. My wife calls it "the man cave". Micah and I are interested in making it into a 'sweat lodge'. Look that up if you are not familiar with the concept. Essentially, it's like a primitive sauna...
  16. profsaffel

    On Which Side of the Universe Do You Stand?

    Recently, I've become 'reinterested' in superhero comics. One of the biggest rivalries in the genre is Marvel vs DC. There are other good companies out there, but they don't receive the recognition (especially without movie blockbusters for advertising). So, which company reigns supreme?
  17. profsaffel

    Congrats Jim!

    Just in case no one gave a shout out to the masticator, sol92258 hit 5000 posts!!! :clap:
  18. profsaffel

    Old Spice Mug: Disappointing

    As some of you know, the Distraction Texas Shaving Club went on an excursion to Jefferson, TX a couple of days ago to hit the antique stores. One of my goals was to acquire one of those LARGE Old Spice mugs. I found a good deal on one and brought it home. Anyway, I really wanted this mug...
  19. profsaffel

    Influence on Children

    Hi, folks. I just wanted to share a little something with you. Some of you will appreciate this, others might get some serious thinking from it, still others might just smile and relate to it. About two months ago, I was surfing ye olde interweb when I thought I'd share with my 3 and a...
  20. profsaffel

    Lye Soap Shave

    Hi all. Well, I tried it - shaving with lye soap that is. Let me explain. My mother-n-law (who loves me as much as she does my wife :001_rolle) found some woman in a Wal-Mart parking lot the other day that was selling bars of lye soap out of the back of her van. Naturally, she bought a...
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