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  1. Leverspro

    Check this out guys.

    It's written into the action rules that the closing time gave no guarantee of winning. But maybe that's your point, that such rules are shameful.
  2. Leverspro

    Shampoo bar suggestions

    This is my experience also. I don't buy it regularly, due to the cost, but I've not found anything in the shaving soap makers world that compares.
  3. Leverspro

    Wolfman Wednesday

    Haven't used my wolf in a while. Last Wednesday I pulled it out and had my first-ever bad shave with it. I was trying out Kai blades for the first time and also coming off a couple of weeks using only super light razors (aluminum and Ti) and cut myself up pretty bad. I was kind of shocked. Never...
  4. Leverspro

    Stirling sample order

    Agar is my fav.
  5. Leverspro

    Better boar brushes

    I haven't been able to open any etsy related link for about a week. Anyone else have this trouble?
  6. Leverspro

    Better boar brushes

    Wow, If I was wondering what the split ends of a broken in boar looks like (I was) that picture answers. How long did it take to break in?
  7. Leverspro

    How to use a scuttle to get hot lather

    I have a lathering scuttle which I never use. It's huge and I've been mostly face lathering recently. But I think I'd enjoy a small brush scuttle from Doug Smith. I have one of his bowls and really like it.
  8. Leverspro

    Custom boars

    I've tried to repurpose handles with a different knot, mostly trying to take out an old badger to put in a synth. It hasn't gone well for me. Those boars with the collar, are they not epoxied in? Are they easier to separate knot from handle? I will try find those old threads.
  9. Leverspro

    Custom boars

    Honestly, I think their may be a lathe in my future retirement.
  10. Leverspro

    Custom boars

    I have noticed that site. Have you tried their boar knots? I wonder if they're the same knots of one of the big brand name sellers.
  11. Leverspro

    Timeless Aluminum Razor Set

    That's interesting! I wonder why the timeless is so much better for you? Do you feel like you have to use pressure to make it work?
  12. Leverspro

    Custom boars

    I'm enjoying boars. Enjoying them to the point that if I spotted a nice custom turned handle I'd probably want a boar knot in it. But I haven't seen any artisan handle makers that give boar as an option for knots. Is it because boar knots are considered too cheap to put in a $100 handle? Or, if...
  13. Leverspro

    Wolfman Wednesday

    I hear ya. I'm forcing myself to use something other than my WR2 this week, only because I spent a truck load of cash on it.
  14. Leverspro

    Karve brass washer warning

    Use a white washer. The black ones are very dangerous. 😎 Enjoy the Karve. Fantastic razor. I started with a c plate and now I'm enjoying the f plate. I've never used a washer to prevent the handle from scratching the bottom of the baseplate, but I also just received a new razor that I'm not...
  15. Leverspro

    Zenith 506COPPER SB Silvertip. Any backbone?

    I'm enjoying my first Zenith brush, a copper short lofted boar. My badgers are not getting any use.
  16. Leverspro

    Elite Razor Shaving Brush Unboxing

    I'd really like to pick up one of Bob's brush handles. But I'm gravitating to boars and he doesn't offer a boar knot. Come to think of it, do any artisan handle makers offer boar?
  17. Leverspro


    I may bite when the nickel one comes out.
  18. Leverspro

    2020 Paradigm Diamondback

    Any more Paradigm razors this year? I think there was speculation of a Ti this year?
  19. Leverspro

    Somewhat Disappointed - Wolfman WR1

    Thanks for your thoughts. I'm glad they're very different or I wouldn't be as interested in owning both.
  20. Leverspro

    Horse Hair under-rated?

    "50/50" . Does this mean half mane and half hair but 100% horse over all? Or is it horse mixed with something else?
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