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  1. Sir Ronald

    Looks like a war zone here

    I wish your chickens well
  2. Sir Ronald

    A quick head count

  3. Sir Ronald

    Super Gillette Blue Blades from China

    my brother brought some back from China a few years ago and they are hands down the best blade I've ever used. they are superb. I only wish I knew where to get genuine ones from.... I'm down to about 8 blades left! (as a point of reference, they're very similar Astra Super Platinum)
  4. Sir Ronald

    oh no...... I think I've ruined my razor

    no, it simply won't go back in. this is not the first time I've taken it out for a clean, I've done it many times before and it's always gone back in without any problems. something's not right....
  5. Sir Ronald

    oh no...... I think I've ruined my razor

    help! I was giving the trusty ol' HD a clean so I pulled it apart to clean inside the stem...... and now the end stub won't fit back inside the stem again. I think the washer that's at the base wasn't meant to come out...... does this look right??? it 100% won't go back in..... I've...
  6. Sir Ronald

    Need to pay the mortgage? just sell your shiny red tip.

    and that pretty much sums it up. youre paying 50% of the price for the value of the razor, another 25% for the shiny photos and the last 25% because he's a trusted seller. that's smart selling. alot of people new to buying DE's don't want to take risks. if something is well presented it will...
  7. Sir Ronald

    Modern Day DE that is comprable to a Gillette FB

    the Progress would be the most similar to a Fatboy are far as weight and aggressiveness
  8. Sir Ronald

    Merkur 33C v 34C v 38C

    you can't go wrong with the 34C - I've tried pretty much every DE there is; Super Speeds, Fatboys, Single Rings, Old Types, EJ/Muhles, Feather etc etc and nothing shaves as well as the 34C - it's aggressiveness is PERFECT. you can put a Feather blade in it and it will mow down forests; a...
  9. Sir Ronald

    what is a good solid 1st DE razor for a beginer?

    Merkur HD - my first razor and after 2 years, still the one I go back to for the ultimate shave. I would NOT recommend a newbie start with an ultra mild razor like a Tech or Super Speed..... start middle of the range in razor sharpness and then depending on your facial hair type you can go from...
  10. Sir Ronald

    Gillette 7 O'clock

    Yellows - I found them to be very sharp but not particularly smooth or forgiving. just under Feather's in that regard Blacks - found them to be nearly as sharp as Yellows but much smoother. they're very similar to Astra SP's. probably my favourite of the 7 o'clocks and my first choice in my...
  11. Sir Ronald

    Williams Mug Soap. Tell me something good!

    1. I'm sorry to hear about your affliction. it really is too much info, but we're all friends here 2. I know you find it hard to lather Williams but substituting your bottom cream for practice isn't a good idea. 3. don't put them both back in the bathroom cupboard! we don't need SWMBO confusing...
  12. Sir Ronald

    Cella, ah Cella

    I love the performance of the soap but I don't like the small red tub, makes for messy lathering
  13. Sir Ronald

    What is better than Cella?

    Mitchell's Wool Fat & Vintage Williams are the only two that I think are significantly better than Cella. everything else (Arko, Proraso, Tabac, Palmolive, Spiek) are either on par or sub-par
  14. Sir Ronald

    How do you dispose of your blades?

    I just walk outside and put them in the gutter. hopefully the rain washes them away somewhere
  15. Sir Ronald

    Records that will never be broken

    someone show this guy the footage of Bradman training in his garage with a cricket stump and a golf ball! both rounded, both the quarter of a size of a baseball bat & ball. he spent hours hitting the golf ball with the stump against the wall to himself. his hand/eye coordination was beyond human
  16. Sir Ronald

    Records that will never be broken

    cricket is an international sport played between the following countries: England, Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, the West Indies & Zimbabwe. walk the streets of India when there is a cricket match on and the streets are empty; there are a quarter of a billion...
  17. Sir Ronald

    Best soap you ever used

    Vintage Williams - well not even vintage, but any formulation prior to 2005 gives me the perfect shave.
  18. Sir Ronald

    Identifying Vintage Williams

    "hair tonic"? I'm gonna have to google that one!
  19. Sir Ronald

    Arko Stick

    I think you kind of nailed it
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