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  1. Flyerman

    What made you get into straight shaving?

    My video kind of explains how I got into it, first looking for something other than a cartridge then finding this whole other world of vintage traditional shaving. Still learning to straight razor shave, probably have 40 to 50 shaves with my Ralf Aust 5/8s under my belt now and getting better.
  2. Flyerman

    Intro to Traditional Wet Shaving Products and Terms

    Just a little video showing some basic products and a little bit of history of how we got the razors we have today.
  3. Flyerman

    Bimbo Bread

    " Haaa! Now is the one pronounced "deeek"? :a29:
  4. Flyerman

    Newbie - thoughts on supplies?

    You probably have more than enough information now, but I would also suggest TOBS (Taylor of Old Bond Street) Sandalwood shaving cream in the plastic tub. I started out without a bowl and this was an awesome cream to just take a hot soaked brush and shake off a bit of water and put some cream...
  5. Flyerman

    What straight did you use today? Now with PICTURES

    Today's Shave of the Day!
  6. Flyerman

    First Shave with my new Ralf Aust 5/8s

    It is getting better.
  7. Flyerman

    My first SR shave today...

    Sounds very similar to mine last week as well. Had yesterday off of work which was the third day so that was my first real day where I did the entire face and neck area with my new SR and didn't clean up with a DE. I don't think I am going to do weekdays just because I don't want to feel...
  8. Flyerman

    Custom razor storage box

  9. Flyerman

    First Shave with my new Ralf Aust 5/8s

    Thanks guys, appreciate all the advice. Shaved with it for the past 3 days now since I have had off of work (work at a school) so it was perfect timing for the SR to come in. It is very sharp, SRD did a great job honing before sending and a beautiful razor. Shaves much better than the no name...
  10. 20170219_170320


    My Ralf Aust 5/8s, first real SR.
  11. Flyerman

    First Shave with my new Ralf Aust 5/8s

    So my first shave with a straight razor in a very long time. I have been shaving with several different types of DE razors for almost 3 years now and did try a straight razor at one time but it was a no name razor but cheaply off the internet and my sink looked like an operating table. I...
  12. Flyerman

    First Straight Razor Shave

    Kmike, be interested to see how that continues, thanks for posting. I have been wet shaving with DE razors for a bit over two years now, have several including Parkers, 3 Merkurs, a Vintage Gillette, Edwin Jaggers and some customs. I got a straight razor, and very small strop in a beginners...
  13. Flyerman

    Parker 26C

    Thanks, appreciate the advice!
  14. Flyerman

    Parker 26C

    My 26C came in the day before yesterday and had my first shave with this morning. I wanted to wait until I had enough time to enjoy the shave and feel the differences between it and my Merkur HD. Honestly I was quite impressed, first with the heft of the razor, I need to put it on my small...
  15. Flyerman

    What shave equipment did you buy today

    Been thinking about that myself, let me know if you like it if you can.
  16. Flyerman

    What shave equipment did you buy today

    Parker 26C Open Comb Razor, and RazoRock XXX shaving soap!
  17. Flyerman

    New To Straight Razor Shaving and I have a Question About Quality

    Thanks Jon, I just might take you up on that in the near future! If I stick with the straight razor stuff I would be interested in learning to hone myself as well. Watched several vids on it, just out of curiosity to see how it is done pretty interesting. If I get the Ralf Aust I may be...
  18. Flyerman

    How Were You Converted To Wet Shaving

    I was in Wal-Mart buying cartridges for my Mach 3 and it wasn't my regular Wal-Mart and they were locked up and had to have someone with a key get me the cartridges and the lady commented that these were high theft items and like gold. And I really thought about that and said that just makes no...