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  1. OtherMoe

    FS Rooney 2Xl 2-Band Heritage

    Single owner, never shed a hair. Excellent+ condition. Bought from Vinatge Blades in March of 2012; used about once every 60 days or so. Not used at all in the 9-12 months so better to let someone else enjoy it. Includes original box etc. $225 shipped CONUS. Paypal only please. I may...
  2. OtherMoe

    FS NOS Floid Blue +

    SOLD PENDING FUNDS Hi, I've started wearing more EDTs and and I am limiting/eliminating my AS with scent. I have a NOS full unopened 400ml bottle of Floid Blue and a partial, with I think conservatively 20%+ remaining. Not made for a very long time, this is the ORIGINAL, I bought three...
  3. OtherMoe

    WTB VITOS Eucalyptus Shaving Cream

    Hi, as the title says, i'm looking to try/buy some of this cream. This is the same cream that can be bought in the 500ml bags. Thought i'd try this route before I pulled the trigger on a full 500ml bag. Glycerin, Coconut Oil and Tallow Formula. I'm willing to buy a sample, or the remainder...
  4. OtherMoe

    FSOT 3 - Starter Sets

    Hi All, Clearing a little room in the shave den. All kits are $28 each (Paypal) shipped to US addresses via USPS Priority Small Flat Rate Box. OR I would do one, maybe two trades for any one of kits, for two new unused Mikes Soaps, any combination of the following scents: (Rose, Patchouli, &...
  5. OtherMoe

    Official 2018 Christmas Card Exchange Sign Up

    Basically I just copied the text below from last year's sign up. It's time to sign up to our annual Christmas Card exchange! Be as creative as you wish with your cards, or just share a simple greeting for the holidays. It is all about the joy of getting something in the mail near Christmas...
  6. OtherMoe

    2018 Christmas Card Exchange?

    Maybe I have missed the thread, but has anyone started a Christmas Card Exchange thread for this year?
  7. OtherMoe

    Advice Please

    First, sorry for long post, but figured more info is better. My experience was doing a lot of the shooting and majority of darkroom work for the high school paper and yearbook using mostly Minolta SLRs. Then had a Canon AE1 Program but it was stolen, then jumped into Nikon; FM2, FE2 and N8008...
  8. OtherMoe

    "The Original Instructor Belt" Lot of 2 for sale

    Original Instructor Belt I have two Original Instructor Belts that no longer fit me (One Black and one Coyote). Condition is excellent, I doubt either one has been worn more than a dozen times and likely closer to 10 times. Both belts have the 5 stitch option for added vertical stability...
  9. OtherMoe

    Summer's gone den thinning - Soap Lot, Slant, Feather DE Blades

    Prices include shipping, CONUS only please. If prices are out of line please let me know. Please PM with interest. Photos below. 1st - take all three packages below (soap lot, Razor and Feather blades total of $113) for $100 shipped (plus I'll throw in a few extra surprise freebies). Soap...
  10. OtherMoe

    WTS: Gillette Mach III Carts and handle

    Please PM with interest. I travel a lot for work so still use cartridge razors for travel. I typically use a Gillette Sensor. While at Costco the other week i picked up a Mach III set: - My photo below. I took it with me last week...
  11. OtherMoe

    WTB: Semogue Horn Handle Size 3

    Probably a long shot but I think i'd like to try/add to my rotation. Below is a picture of titled brush. If you have one that's not getting any love and are not a collector and want to move it, we can help each other out. Thanks, Moe
  12. OtherMoe

    WTT/WTS: Vintage brushes/Handles for Soap

    Hi, I have the lot of 6 brush handles below that I would like to trade for some some soap. The Soap i'm looking for; i'm hoping for a couple new or used only a little bit of the soaps listed below. Each pays own shipping vis USPS Priority which includes delivery confirmation. I know the...
  13. OtherMoe

    Fatboy and Damakeene user grade lot

    Hi, I have two user grade razors I like to sell in a single lot. Both could be cleaned up better than I have them in the photos. Both were in my collection and I have used both; I recently had the opportunity to acquire cosmetically improved versions. $45 shipped PayPal and CONUS only...
  14. OtherMoe

    WTB/WTT for Safe-Guard / Safe-T-Guard DE blades - Photo inside

    Hi, I'm trying to find some more of the blades in the photo below. They are kind of a mediocre blade performance-wise but on mornings when I have to be up at 3:00-3:30am for a super early flight they allow me a cut-free/blood-free double edge shave when i'm still half asleep. :sleep12: If you...
  15. OtherMoe

    A good decaf black tea?

    So thanks to the good folks here i've found nice black teas like Yorkshire, Barry's and Glengetti. I think I can find decaf for both Barry's and Yorksire online but wondering if anyone has some good experiences or recommendations? Thanks in advance, Moe
  16. OtherMoe

    Goodwill teapot score

    So every once in a while i cruise through our Goodwill store. The other day i stumbled upon this unused 6 cup tea pot for $2.99. Have yet to giver it a spin, maybe this afternoon or tomorrow morning.
  17. OtherMoe

    WTT: Vintage Williams & Old Spice for Mikes, Razo Rock

    Hi, I have three vintage soaps i'd like to trade. Each vintage soap is new and unused or believed to be unused in the case of the Old Spice. Please ignore the non-boxed Williams soap in the photo far left; I had taken photos before i saw the number of items was limited to 3. I would like to...
  18. OtherMoe

    Morels, Finally!

    I don't hunt them myself but have a contact, a supplier if you will :biggrin1: The weather around here has been funky this spring and had not heard from him. Today I finally got a call and ran over tonight. Picked up a pound and a half of Morels, some fresh Nettle for tea and some Peppery...
  19. OtherMoe

    Cassoulet Day!

    Well, technically we're eating it tomorrow night but today was the build and cook and tomorrow is a reheat. Because everyone knows that a casserole is always better the second day :biggrin1: The recipe was loosely based off the recipe in Anthony Bourdain's Les Halles Cookbook. First photo...
  20. OtherMoe

    Danish pipes! What say you?

    So a little history. Early in my piping I picked up an estate Stanwell Bishop. Admittedly I was new to pipes and my technique and tobacco prep has improved since then, but it was the wettest smoker of any pipes I did have, so I sold it. Fast forward to now and I picked up a Bjarne (NOT a...