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    New knife stone. Venev diamond bonded

    Got this today from eBay. Venev diamond bonded stone. Resin and diamond. Cheap! $25 or so shipped. It's a small bugger though. The grit is supposed to be 800/1200 but it is much finer than that imo compared to my dmts. My eef leaves more scratches than this does. Anyway if your looking for a...
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    Fire hose strop caution.

    Just wanted to share this article I found. Talks about the danger of fire retardants and how dangerous they are. This is one of the reasons I never used a firehose strop. Especially when you can find new clean material with none of the risk. Your health your risk. I'm not a scientist or doctor...
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    I decided to try the unthinkable! I took a gd 208 that i had laying around. Dusted it off and set a bevel on my belt sander on a 1k sic belt. Got a bur, flipped got another bur. Used the platen to contact the spine first and carefully placed the edge on the belt. I used a 2k belt after that and...
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    Sheffield style from the "Orient"

    Barber notch smiler from Gold Dollar available now on Amazon. Ebony scales. I got a few. Nice razor and cheap for what it is. Just putting this out there. I don't sell anything nor do I have any affiliation with Gold Dollar or.any other company...
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    Smiling blades

    Just want to touch on something here guys. Smiling blades or other not straight not perfect razors can be honed. You need to learn how by practicing. Now most pocket knives or knives in general have quite a bit of a smile and some even have a slight frown towards the hilt.These knives are honed...
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    Knife honing free hand. Why bother?

    I recently started honing my knives. It went very well. Been using a 300/600 diamond plate. And then stropping on some poly "linen" Anyway pal of mine uses a 1x30 belt sander and finishes on white compound on leather same size as the belt. I have the same sander from my scale making days. Gave...
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    New gds from Amazon

    Got these today. Ordered from Amazon. Quick ship from China. These and all that will be sold on Amazon will be no stabilizers. Haven't honed them yet but will soon. One is acrylic and the other ebony wood. Thickish but not the knife scales that the Titans had.
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    New GD 207, Theres real gold on them Gold Dollars!

    Heres a new GD 207, gold wash as you can see, appears to be an edge on visually but doesnt grab hair. Have to put this one on the stones and see. GD like scales, new insignia. I hear theyre $5 plus ship for 100. Not looking for any but something new is always worth a look. When I get this one...
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    New gd 207 with goldwash

    Preview of a new gd. Gold wash. No idea what the scales are made of. Pal of mine is trying to get a couple to see. Fancy fancy. Lol.
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    Acrylic scales 27 pair brand new $60 shipped conus

    27 pair acrylic scales. brand new they fir up to 7/8 blades with no issues, no pivot washers rod or hardware. $60 shipped conus only. Selling as a lot and you wont find a better deal.
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    5 sets of acrylic scales fpr $20 shipped cpnus

    5 sets of acrylic scales for sale, they are pinned on one side, the faux mother of pearl sells for $18 each on ebay, the others are $10 minimum. Conus only. they fit gds like a glove. You will need a pin kit for the pivot. You can also thin them to accommodate smaller blades/. what you see is...
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    Common knowledge and honing

    Hello gents! Just wanted to share some thoughts on honing with you! There are MANY ways to do this, many stones to do this, different strokes, strops, pastes, film etc. They all work! All of them will prepare a blade for shaving. Find one method that works for you. or better yet try them all and...
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    Stropping is part of honing

    Most guys know this but Im going to post this for some of the newer guys, THe cloth you use after a honing can make a noticeable difference in the overall edge. A BIG enough difference to say it is worth doing Im going to say that clean cotton or hemp has no effect, clean felt none as well...
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    New razor from China not a GD or is it?

    I ordered 2 of these today from ebay, they look to be better ground and scales LOOK better than stock gds. they are also listed as stainless, I have no idea if they are though. Anybody ever use these before? I will check em out when they arrive. Heres a pic Pricey! $9.99 each! LOL. If the scales...
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    3 stone progression

    After spending lots of time messing with naguras and tomos, Ive come to the conclusion that a 3 stone system works as well and is much faster. I Use a chosera 1k, midrange suita with atoma 1200 slurry and the same on any number of finishers. FOr my finish I always use a junker blade for 10 laps...
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    Strop hardware source

    Hello folks, I have some linen material that I want to make strops with, Im giving them all away at the various meets we have here in NY So the material is 2 1/2 inch wide. Dring source of small quantities anyone? I can get em on ali baba but I dont need 1000 of them. Thanks in advance! If you...
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    GD start to finish. not mine a pals.

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    Low grit hone favorite

    Hello Im a sucker for a chosera 600 when I need it. I also have the 400. Now the 400 IMO cuts very fast BUT glazes quickly so I dont find I use it that often. And when I do its always with slurry. Ive used a norton 220 which i find dishes WAY too fast to be useful as well as having used a...
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    94 shaves wth a GD

    Hello guys, I just finished a test I was doing on a GD 66(the cheap one LOL) and ended up with 94 shaves. NO PASTE, vintage linen and leather ONLY. I did 60 on vintage linen and 60 to 80 on leather every shave lately but for more than half the shaves it was only linen every 2 or 3 shaves.. The...
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    A few ways to correct a heavy heel out of MANY.

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