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    Questions about using a shavette ATG

    Every pass you make will knock your stubble down a little more. Your low angle pass seems to be shortening the hair enough that you can get away with a higher angle on the next pass. Personally I hardly ever try to go against the grain with a shavette or straight (maybe on my neck where you...
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    How long until aha?

    As well as a light touch, try slower strokes. Sometimes people have a tendency to scratch at their face with short, fast strokes - imagine a dog scratching its ear with its hind leg. That's the sort of frequency I mean. It's asking for trouble both because it's inherently clumsy and because it...
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    Struggling On...

    Here's a left-field idea: get a straight razor or shavette. I was still learning how to use my first DE when I bought my first shavette. After a bit, when I picked up my DE again, the shaves were as smooth as butter and I couldn't for the life of me figure why it had ever seemed difficult. It's...
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    Made my own strop.

    Veg tanned is the main one, AFAIK. I'm trying to learn - definitely not an expert - so take everything I said with a pinch of salt.
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    Made my own strop.

    Have been looking into making a strop. A good one is all about the leather. My research so far (unconfirmed by peer review ;) ) * must be veg tanned *not* chrome tanned * butt leather is the best part of the hide * heavier leather is less prone to cupping 8-12oz, or 3.5mm thick and up * a hard...
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    considering an open comb for the first time

    I have a Merkur open-comb, the travel shave 985C with short, two piece handle (they all have the same head). It's a beautiful little razor. Very mild. I'd have to try hard to nick myself with it. With a sharp blade like a nacet I get a lovely, buttery-smooth shave. Despite being mild in terms...
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    How Much Time

    A get-out-the door shower & shave with a DE razor is about 20 minutes. Maybe double that with a straight. I can scoot around my face with a mild safety razor but a straight can't be rushed. Maybe more experienced scrapers can but not me. That's not what it's all about anyway. I reach for a...
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    Lapping film, try it.

    I ordered a Feather DX clone recently so I could experiment with Feather AC-style blades. Schick proline and Kai mild might be a bit more forgiving. And of course the Feather AC SS is designed to provide some protection with a little "bump" behind the edge. It's all about user preference...
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    Lapping film, try it.

    IMO DE blades in a shavette are WAY too sharp for a comfortable shave. I got my first straight after I'd been using a shavette for a couple of weeks or so. Although I could get a decent shave with the shavette, it was a bit like shaving with angry bees. Zero margin of error. Even a Derby Extra...
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    Naniwa multi stone 1000/3000.

    I have the same lapping film grades as well as 30u and 12u. So far I've had two tries at resetting the bevel on a blunt razor starting with 30u and trying to follow the burr method. First time was a complete failure. Second, the edge was shave-ready but only just. That's not necessarily a bad...
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    On the Measurement of Croap Durometer: A New Methodology

    What about the Archimedes principle? Harder soaps will be denser. Thus, if you add identical masses of different soaps to a full bath, you can calculate density by the amount of water which spills into the flat below you. An added benefit is that you can quickly detect gold and other precious...
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    PIF - Starter Kit

    Not in but... There once was an Aardvark called Eddie For hot date he had to get ready "My claws are not sharp "They don't shave worth a fart "I must have a nice new Gillettie!
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    My straight razor journey

    It could take a bit of trial and error before you figure out a stropping/honing routine which delivers your perfect edge. That's where I'm at in my own cut-throat apprenticeship. I feel comfortable (but slow) shaving with a straight but I'm still trying to figure out how to keep it sharp. I've...
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    My straight razor journey

    If it feels too tuggy to you then it's not sharp enough for you. How sharp a blade should be is a personal preference, within reasonable limits. If a blade just doesn't want to cut against the grain it's absolutely too dull. If it will cut against the grain but there is some resistance, just...
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    Hello to the DE community! Noob here!

    This razor blade sharpness test should give you a better idea of how sharp different blades are. First try a mild blade like the Derby Extra. If the Derby Extra feels a little tuggy, move up to an Astra Superior Platinum. If that feels tuggy, go back to the Feather. Basically, try to find...
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    On the Measurement of Croap Durometer: A New Methodology

    I think your neighbour might have noticed three.
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    On the Measurement of Croap Durometer: A New Methodology

    "Snowball fight! With croap!" How we laughed - then Donnie fell Knocked out with Tabac
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    On the Measurement of Croap Durometer: A New Methodology

    Autumn leaves cover The puck of Mitchell's Wool Fat It bounced off the wall
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    On the Measurement of Croap Durometer: A New Methodology

    Let's not overthink this. Throw it at a wall. Does it stick? Croap.
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    Finish on wood scales

    Tru Oil creates a harder finish than Tung oil. You can do anything from satin to high gloss. Easy to work with & repair. I'd also be tempted to sand the surface down to smooth it out a bit more.
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