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  1. ChinMusic

    First Straight Shave Tomorrow

    I feel like I have done my homework and will give it a try in the morning. I fully expect it to feel like throwing a baseball with my left hand (RHP). I know going in that it will take time for muscle memory to kick in. I got a Dovo Forestal from thesuperiorshave and a Walking Horse strop...
  2. ChinMusic

    How long after starting DE, to consider straights?

    I started DE shaving a month ago and things have gone pretty well. I still get some razor burn in a couple areas which tells me I need to adjust my technique in these areas. I'm getting there. I'm considering a straight but am wondering what my timing should be and what type of razor I start...
  3. ChinMusic

    Ingrown Hairs

    I've read about these but don't think I have experienced any. Actually I completely forgot about the issue since I started DE shaving a month ago. I've played around with ATG to see how smooth I can get my shave with no issues other than razor burn. Do some people just not get ingrowns and...
  4. ChinMusic

    Marisol AS

    I got this product as my first aftershave from thesuperiorshave.com I did a search for it on BB and came up with zilch. Does anyone else use this product? I can't compare it to other products since this is the only one I have used to date.
  5. ChinMusic


    Any BBers done the ride across Iowa? A buddy of mine invited me to do a cross-country trip in a couple years. I figure a 7-day ride across Iowa will give me some idea if I like that stuff. I haven't been much of a biker, only doing one century last year, but I am used to long-distance stuff. I...
  6. ChinMusic

    First DE shave in two days

    I enter the world of the DE this week. My setup should arrive tomorrow and I'll give it a shot Tuesday morning. Merkur 38C Assorted blades (Gillette Silver Blue, Feather, Merkur) Proraso Preshave Simpsons CL2 brush Proraso Shaving Soap and Dovo Shaving Cream Sampsons Marisol Aftershave I hope...
  7. ChinMusic

    ChinMusic's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame EntryWhat is your real name? David A Milner What are your nicknames/aliases? ChinMusic Where do you live? Springfield, IL What is your age (or) generation? 55 What are you in the real world? dentist What is your favorite shave setup? no idea yet What are your hobbies and...
  8. ChinMusic

    Newb wanting to get started

    I'm a total neophyte with regards to DE shaving. I just got done thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail last month and grew the beard (about 7 months) in the photo below. Upon my reentry to "proper society" the beard had to go, although I did like it. And no, I have not appeared on Duck...
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