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    Does your sink space get overcrowded at times?

    Granted, this doesn't generally happen to me, but currently, I'm testing a bunch of soap bases and bouncing back and forth between them to see how to evolve them, but still - I can't be the only one here with a sink crowded with products - am I?
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    Free soap - gifting a set of four soaps from 4 test batches

    Today I made trial batches 19-21 of my new shaving soap base journey. These bases are very different from previous bases, and I haven't tried them myself yet, so they might be terrible :) I'm going to be posting this to several forums, and am offering each forum I post to a PIF of one of each...
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    Black Friday / Cyber Monday - Everything is 30% off

    Just kicked off our Black Friday sale - Everything - absolutely everything in the store is 30% off - discount applied in cart, no coupon code needed. Damaged razors are still 40% off. www.groomatorium.com
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    News, Sales, and Announcements

    Let's kick this off with a big one. Due to a spill of Midnight Stag aftershave on my Razor shelf, I have a lot of razors that have damaged packaging. I am working on clearancing them all out at 40% off. I am listing them as quickly as I can at Sales / Clearance -...
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    New Stuff - Elephant, Guy Noir, Italian Summer

    After a long hiatus, the next Zoologist soap scent is here - Elephant (80 tubs made) Also new for today is: Bay Rum EdP - not limited, will be made for the foreseeable future Italian Summer Aftershave - I only had enough oil to make 36 bottles, and can't find another supplier. This will not...
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    Against My Better Judgment...

    Numerous requests have been made, so for April Fool's this year, Chiseled Face Banana is coming back. Be warned, this is not a well crafted, complex scent. This is straight up banana and nothing but. It's a seriously bad idea...
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    New Zoologist Soaps - Camel and Hummingbird - as well as liquid soaps, and candles are now available

    Moved to Ohio four months ago and have been really busy since. Two new Zoologist Soaps are now available - Hummingbird and Camel (also available at groomatorium.com - Hummingbird - Camel if sold out on Chiseled Face. Due to our move, money is a bit tight, so I was not able to buy the amount of...
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    Moving Clearance Sale

    As some of you already know, we are packing up and moving our operation to Ohio. 85% of our business is online, and the 15% of walk in traffic we get just doesn't cover the overhead burden that working in California brings with it. Most of our products we are just packing up and taking with us...
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    Chiseled Face / Zoologist Macaque shaving soap is now available

    I've wanted to release this for a month now but had a lot of things come up that kept delaying me. However, for a limited time (however long it takes to sell 200) Macaque from Zoologist is available in soap form. Top Notes: Cedar, Green Apple, Red Mandarin Heart Notes: Frankincense, Galbanum...
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    How long does your SR shave take you?

    I realize that for many, shaving is all about the zen of it, but I'm curious how fast a good SR shave can be if you need to be in a bit of a hurry. I'm admittedly slow with an SR - takes me about 45 minutes for a shave, whereas with a DE I'm around 4 minutes. I'd be curious if those of you...
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    Youtube Review of Stubble Buster Soaps

    Just got a nice, concise review of stubble buster soaps on Youtube You can find the soaps at the Stubble Buster site or Groomatorium
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    Stubble Buster soaps are now available @ $8.99

    With the help of your feedback the labels are now complete, and the soap line is launched. $8.99 is not a promotional price. That is the price this line is going to be until the cost of raw materials makes me raise it. I have them both at www.stubblebuster.com (where you get free shipping...
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    Design Help for Budget Shaving products

    As some of you have likely heard, I'm working on a line of budget shaving products. ($10 or less) I need your help though in selecting the label design, so if you could click this link and cast your votes, it would be very helpful! Help me choose my new design! All tubs will be plastic, just...
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    Chiseled Face Ghost Town EdP and Bay Rum Soap and Aftershave are now available

    Chiseled Face Ghost Town EdP and Bay Rum Soap and Aftershave are now available. That sums it up. Tons of you have asked for the EdP, and Bay Rum is the first new scent Chiseled Face has released in over a year. I'm pretty stoked! Groomatorium links below, but also available on...
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    Four More LA Shaving Soap Scents Are Now Available in the New French Clay Base

    After a bit of a hiatus, Topanga Fougere, Vert Noir, Woody Lavender, and Vanilla/Eucalyptus/Mint is back. They are now in bigger tubs with new labels and a new slicker, more moisturizing base. They are available both at www.lashavingsoap.com and www.groomatorium.com
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    New Website Design for LASSCo and CFG

    I have completely redesigned both www.lashavingsoap.com and www.chiseledface.com Free shipping is set so that the average soap and aftershave set will be enough to reach it (free shipping is at $25 on CFG and $35 on LASSCo.) I think I have finally gotten the bugs out of both sites, but you will...
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    Imperfect Item Blowout

    I have a number of "imperfect" soaps that I am selling for a significant discount on my site Imperfect soaps will still perform and smell just like "perfect" ones, but they might have a dark spot where the fragrance wasn't mixed in just right, or be scooped a bit messy, or have a slightly...
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    Nostalgic Pomade and Chiseled Face Collaboration

    Chiseled Face and Nostalgic have once again collaborated to make pomades in several Chiseled Face scents. Pomades are now available in Ghost Town Barber, Midnight Stag, Summer Storm, and Sherlock scents. https://www.groomatorium.com/?product_cat=&s=nostalgic+pomade&post_type=product
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    Tiki Bar Soaps

    I have spoken with the owner of Tiki Bar Soaps, and have reached a deal where I can make and stock Tiki soaps in my shop. These are in new packaging, with new labels, but the product is made with the same recipes. These can be found at...
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    Zoologist Nightingale Shaving Soap is now available.

    After a bit of a "new release hiatus" due to general busyness, Nightingale from Zoologist is finally available as a shaving soap. This is a limited run of 200 soaps, so get it while supplies last. https://www.groomatorium.com/product/chiseled-face-zoologist-nightingale-shaving-soap/
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