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    Darn Tough Socks?

    I'm in need of some new "athletic" socks. To be honest, I'm not an overly athletic person, but not sure what else to call them. Anyway, I typically get the big bag o' Hanes and call it a day. BUT, I have 2 pair of "running socks" I picked up many moons ago when I thought running was a good idea...
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    Options for watch with integrated bracelet

    As the subject says. I have a watch with an integrated bracelet. It essentially has a half link that is part of the case. I really dislike the bracelet, as it either feels too loose or too tight depending on what I'm doing, and it has no adjustment to compensate for this. Has anyone done this...
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    Favorite Watch Wearing Device

    Just curious what everyone's favorite type of watch band is. I used to shy away from rubber/silicone bands, but have recently found them to be very comfortable. Personally, I've never really been crazy about metal bracelets, and I've never had a NATO band. So...if you were going to build your...
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    Drug Store Similar to Proraso?

    As the title suggests. My wife bought me some Proraso Red aftershave a while back, and really likes the scent (as do I). Are there any "drug store" finds that are similar to the red? I also had a sample of the green, and enjoy it for the warmer weather. So if there's anything similar to that...
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    ISO: Racing Chronograph

    So...long time away from the forums. One of the watches I've always wanted to own is a chronograph. As a big racing fan, adding in a tachymeter just makes sense to complete the connection. But, I'm also quite....let's call it FRUGAL. Even if I DID have the money to drop on a Rolex Daytona, I'm...
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    Time for New Shoes: Stay or Try?

    So, it is time for me to replace my favorite shoes. I've had them for probably 4 years, and they've held up pretty well. Especially since I didn't do anything to take care of them. But, the color is pretty scuffed up around the edges and they are noticeably not as comfortable as they once were...
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    New Dress Coat

    So, this weekend we had the first "snow" storm of the winter. Didn't get much snow, but I did spend a lot of time removing the ice rink that had formed on our driveway. Unfortunately, I didn't think about what coat I grabbed and I ended up spreading ice melt in the wind while wearing my leather...
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    Fleece Lined Pants

    Ok, just a general question. Why is it that fleece lined pants all seem to be sold where you roll the cuffs of the pants up to show that they are fleece? I have a pair of jeans from Eddie Bauer that are fleece lined. I like them....but I feel odd walking around with the cuffs rolled up. I wear a...
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    Home Security Systems

    NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT ABOUT USING A GUN! I have no problems with firearms. But I am looking for information in monitoring services. As successful as a gun could be, it is not going to monitor my home in the event of fire/being away. Thank you. With that out of the way, just curious what...
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    Crown and Calibur?

    Has anyone heard of/used this company before? It popped up on my FB feed, and is definitely seems to be one of those "too good to be true" kinda things. I went to check it out, but they asked for an email right away. Anyone had an experience? Thanks.
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    The Broken Shoelace

    So this morning, as I'm leaving for work, one of the worst ways to start my day happens. That's right, I tug on the laces of my steal toed boots, only to have the lace pull apart. :( Just wondering if anyone has any advice/solutions for this phenomenon. Shoe laces are cheap, so I guess I should...
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    Help with "Croap"

    Ok, so I've mostly used creams from a tube. I received a sample of Proraso white "croap", and am having a little trouble with it. I keep having to go back to the container to get more product as I don't get enough on my brush for 3 passes (and I have a full beard, so a pass still uses less...
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    Sour Beers

    Anyone here a fan of sours? I'm really curious to try some, so am looking for suggestions. Seems like Summer would be a great time to give them a shot. Thanks for your input!
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    Carrying your Smartphone

    Well, it finally happened. I can no longer claim to be a last holdout from getting a smartphone, as my place of employment has provided me with one (I didn't ask...). Anyway, now I have to determine how to carry the darn thing! For my dumbphone, I just dropped it into my pocket (usually the...
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    Headwear for the Rain

    So I saw a few other posts on hats, and it got me thinking about rain. What do yall put on your head when it's raining to keep from looking like a drowned rat when you get to the office? My office is very casual, but I traditionally wear standard business casual anyway (khakis/polo...
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    Steel Toed Footwear

    So, when I go to the manufacturing area at the plant, I'm required to wear steel toed boots. I don't go every day, but it will be frequent. I'm just curious what everyone's favorite pair of ST boots are. When in them, I'm mostly walking/standing on concrete indoors. I don't need water proof...
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    Help Choosing Watch Band

    So I was given this watch as a gift. I like the looks of it, but have 2 complaints. 1, it feels slightly too large for me (The strap doesn't feel to wrap around my wrist as much as drop off the watch). 2 is that it has a silicone band that just seems much too thick. If I wear a jacket with this...
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    Watch Date Window Off?

    The date window on one of my watches seems to be all over the place. Some days I pick it up and the watch is ahead a day or 2. Other days, it's behind a day or 2. While it is certainly easy to reset, it's become very annoying. Has anyone ever had this issue before? It's a Fossil watch if that...
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    "Muck" type boots

    Ok, so I realize these are not fashionable at all. But I am in need of some water proof boots for working around the yard. We just built a new house, and are currently surrounded by a moat as we await the final grade/seed/straw. In addition to that, I have a lot more land than before and will...
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    Cincinnati Members - Suggest Some Beer!

    So, I'll be travelling to Cincy OH next week for training at work. While there, I'd like to sample some of the micro-brews in that area. Anyone here able to point me to some of the best? My tastes are pretty broad, as I tend to drink darker stuff in the cooler weather and hoppier stuff in the...
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