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  1. _MementoMori_

    Well, I just designed and bought a gas fireplace.

    I've always loved that classic image of stockings hanging on a mantel at Christmas time with a roaring fire as snow falls outside. I didn't have it growing up, but it's not too late to give it to my kids. So I drew something up and had it quoted by a local fireplace shop. The estimate came in...
  2. _MementoMori_

    ALMOST found my birth quarter razor "in the wild."

    I picked up a long handle Super Adjustable a few days ago that ended up being my birth year, and only one quarter away from my birth quarter! It's in near mint condition too. It got me wondering how many of you have a birth quarter razor, and how difficult it was for you to acquire it.
  3. _MementoMori_

    Scarves. I'd like a nice scarf to wear with my Schott leather this fall/winter. Recommendations?

    I really know nothing about good scarves. I feel like the only "iconic" scarf anyone talks about is the classic Burberry check scarf. I like it, but I'm looking for something a little more edgy. Something that would look good with an asymmetrical zip motorcycle jacket. Hit me with some links...
  4. _MementoMori_

    Throwing axes/tomahawks/knives

    I got a set of SOG throwing tomahawks for Father's Day, but I've been so busy that I just now got a chance to play with them over the weekend! What a blast! I bounced them off of the target for about 15 minutes before it "clicked," and now I stick them about 80% of the time. Speaking of...
  5. _MementoMori_

    Old knives, cleavers, and... HOG SPLITTERS!

    I love cleaning up and restoring old things. I suspect it's a passion I developed from restoring and collecting vintage double edge razors. I also love the patina of old steel, though, and I especially love old knives and butchering implements. I was googling the other day and discovered hog...
  6. _MementoMori_

    Successfully moving to "the middle of nowhere."

    This is something my wife and I talk about more and more often as of late. We went to a wedding in the Ozarks on the MO/AR border over the weekend, and it REALLY intensified our feelings about just bailing out on city/suburb life and getting a house on a piece of land at the edge of a forest...
  7. _MementoMori_

    Anybody heard of Black Baccara Oils?

    I discovered them via an ad (which I normally despise) on Instagram. Based on description alone, I want to buy half of their inventory. Check this one out, for example: https://blackbaccaraoils.com/products/midnight-mass-perfume-oil?_pos=1&_sid=80ae36384&_ss=r The "witchy" angle is dumb, but I...
  8. _MementoMori_

    Two kinds of people: those who equate heaviness with quality, and...

    Those who equate heaviness with poor design. I am firmly in the former camp, for the most part. I love solid body Les Pauls and heavy solid stainless safety razors. To me, heaviness indicates sturdiness/reliability. On the other side of the fence, there are those who write reviews for smart...
  9. _MementoMori_

    "Dumb phones"

    I'm buying a Light Phone 2 today. It does talk and text only, with GPS and music capabilities coming later via updates. No camera, internet, email, or apps of any kind, so I'll be buying a standalone camera, GPS, and MP3 player to handle those duties. I'm so excited! Do any of you use "dumb...
  10. _MementoMori_

    A free tip for those of you trying to build a vintage Gillette collection on the cheap...

    I am not on facebook, but my wife is. Occasionally, out of boredom, I'll pick up her phone and check out facebook marketplace for the various things I'm interested in. The other day, I got the idea to look for vintage razors. And oh boy. Let me tell you, this is the place to buy vintage...
  11. _MementoMori_

    I think I want a nice peacoat. Schott? Spiewak? Naval issue? Something else?

    I'm looking for 100% wool or at the very least a higher than usual wool content. Preferably made in the U.S.A. Vintage is fine. True navy blue. Black or otherwise dark buttons - not brass. What do you guys like? What brands do you not recommend? Thanks!
  12. _MementoMori_

    And so it begins. I saw pumpkin beer at the grocery store last night.

    I went in to grab a sour ale for a cocktail recipe and the shelves were loaded with pumpkin beers. I squealed a little. Though my absolute favorite pumpkin beer went out of production a few years ago and I've yet to find a suitable replacement. Any pumpkin beer fans here?
  13. _MementoMori_

    So I... uh... forcefully rethreaded a Rockwell 6S handle.

    Long story short - Rockwell sent me a replacement 6S handle because of some issues I was having with mine. Rather than throw the old (and faulty) handle in the trash, I decided to grab a cheap Signature Shaving Co. head off of ebay to use with the old 6S handle. It... did... not... fit. It tried...
  14. _MementoMori_

    Choose the burger from this menu that I will eat for my birthday in two days.

    And I mean it. There are too many and I can't decide. This is NOT a fancy burger joint, but I'm not a fancy guy. https://concordgrill.com/burger-tour Many thanks in advance!
  15. _MementoMori_

    Anybody try those new Johnsonville sausage strips? It's sausage... shaped like bacon.

    My mind is reeling with the possibilities, but I'm also afraid it's a science experiment and I try to eat as much natural food as possible. But just think of the things you could do with this stuff! Burgers with bacon AND sausage strips on top? Top that with a fried egg and a good hot sauce (or...
  16. _MementoMori_

    Restoring a vintage Schott western leather 3 button vest

    I got what I think is a pretty good deal on one of these last week, and it just came in the mail. It has several actual vintage motorcycle pins and patches on it, and it's missing two buttons. The button that it does have is not original. I'm not sure I'm going to keep the motorcycle pins and...
  17. _MementoMori_

    The ammo struggle is real.

    I have two very nice paperweights. A 9mm paperweight and a .45LC/.410 paperweight. If anyone tries to break into my house, they're gonna get paperweights thrown at their heads SO hard! Seriously though. I just can't find ammunition. I was lucky enough yesterday to find a box of Speer Lawman at...
  18. _MementoMori_

    I have an almost full large bottle of Italian Floid Blue aftershave with the old label. Is it...

    worth something? Haha. I bought it new years ago and I've just been sitting on it. I have no intention of parting with it - I'm just curious. I just did a quick search for it online and I can't find it for sale anywhere now.
  19. _MementoMori_

    Enneagram and Myers Briggs Personality Tests

    Anybody else into this stuff? I think it's pretty fascinating how accurately my types describe me, for both the enneagram and the Myers Briggs. I'm an enneagram type 4w5, and I'm a Myers Briggs INFJ. Which basically means I'm doomed to loneliness unless I meet other 4s or other INFJs. Haha. If...
  20. _MementoMori_

    Grilled Fruits/Grilled Desserts

    One of my daughter's favorite things that I make is halved, grilled peaches drizzled in a bourbon caramel sauce with vanilla bean mascarpone and ice cream. To me, it is THE flavor of summer in a dessert. That got me thinking about other grilled desserts. I'm sure there are tons. Do you guys...
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