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  1. mightyeskimo

    Appreciation Post

    Thank you Clay! Most kind! How are you and the family? No rona I hope.
  2. mightyeskimo

    Anniversary Contest - TEN years!

    That's awesome! My last anniversary with my wife was memorable because I actually remembered it! Seriously, I usually forget. 🤣🤣
  3. mightyeskimo

    What are the best value/bang for the buck shave items?

    The store bought stuff (brick and mortar) is great value. Especially off brand knockoffs. Pinaud, AV, Brut, Nivea, Old Spice. All great performers at low prices.
  4. mightyeskimo

    Recommend Spring Form Pan For Instant Pot

    Hi friends! Can someone recommend a make and model of spring form pan that I can use in my 8 qt instant pot please? I'm looking for something that's great quality, very durable, and will last a long time. I don't mind paying a little extra.
  5. mightyeskimo

    Synthetic Shaving Brush Pass Around

    Yeah let's shut it down for a while in light of this pandemic.
  6. mightyeskimo

    Problems with Mitchell’s Wool Fat

    I guess I have a different opinion on how much water you need for a good MWF lather. I don't use much water at all. Bloom, drain, shake almost dry, load, face lather, done. Works every time.
  7. mightyeskimo

    Problems with Mitchell’s Wool Fat

    I would say load longer with a drier brush and make sure you get as much water out of the container after the bloom as possible.
  8. mightyeskimo

    MWF Puck & Bowl Question

    For those of you who have purchased the brand name container with the puck in it, how do you secure the puck in the container so it just doesn't roll around when you're trying to load it?
  9. mightyeskimo

    Synthetic Shaving Brush Pass Around

    Hope everyone had a great holiday season!
  10. mightyeskimo

    Neil Peart has died

    Try Available Light. It's a great deep cut from Presto.
  11. mightyeskimo

    Neil Peart has died

    Listen to Here Again from the first record. What a great slow blues jam.
  12. mightyeskimo

    Neil Peart has died

    Let's spin some Rush this weekend friends! Im starting from the beginning.
  13. mightyeskimo

    Neil Peart has died

    I woke up thinking of how this still sucks. I mean, he lost his first family within a year (daughter in a car accident and wife to cancer). Now he dies of cancer and leaves behind his second family (wife and 10 year old daughter). And it wasn't just any cancer but brain cancer. Likely diagnosed...
  14. mightyeskimo

    Neil Peart has died

    Right there with you.
  15. mightyeskimo

    Neil Peart has died

    This sucks. He was my hero. My favorite musician and lyrics that helped shape my life.
  16. mightyeskimo

    Blade suggestions for abnormally tough beard on extremely sensitive skin.

    Feather. Only the sharpest blade and the skill to wield the razor will work on a tough beard and sensitive skin.
  17. mightyeskimo

    Greetings from New Orleans - New to w/s and B&B - Requesting routine critique

    Welcome to B&B! Ditch the preshave oil and the Cremo. Get a shave soap stick. Your razor is great. If you can learn how to master a lather in the shower with a good soap stick you'll have conquered wet shaving. Your choice of Thayers is great. I believe if you can create a great shave with a...
  18. mightyeskimo

    New Guy Here

    Welcome to B&B! Ditch the oil all together. I've tried a bunch and they're not very impactful. Focus on a good soap and lather.
  19. mightyeskimo

    Im new, and dont know anything...

    Welcome to B&B! Dude I'm fixin to tell you something..... My second DE razor was a Merkur 34C and once I learned about pressure, a Feather blade. Combine that with some Tabac and the Old Spice you can buy at Walgreens, you're on your way to a darn fine day.
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