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    Gifted a bottle of Japanese whiskey

    So, my father-in-law gave me this bottle of Japanese whiskey yesterday and know nothing about it. I enjoy whiskey once in a while, so it won't be wasted on me, but was wondering if anyone here has ever tried it and what their thoughts are about it. Nikka Single Malt Whiskey 10 years old.

    I can't believe it's not shave butter!

    So, I had 1.5 tubs of Country Crock vegetable butter spread that I wasn't going to eat since I and my family prefer real butter. It was approaching it's best buy date and I didn't want to waste it by tossing it out. So decidedto try making shaving soap with it. And it turned out wonderfully, no...

    I've created a monster!!! Pic heavy.

    Actually I created a a solution to the age old debate of which is better, Tabac or Mitchell's Wool Fat shaving soap. There are many reasons why one would argue in favor of one over the other. The fragrance, ease of lathering, longevity of the shop as a whole, slickness, and post shave skin...

    Homemade Black Garlic

    Anyone here make their own black garlic? I've personally never tried black garlic before and have wanted to for awhile. I really enjoy eating garlic to the point that I pretty much eat it everyday in one form or another. Fresh, roasted, pickled, smoked, patse, and powdered. So two days ago I...

    Cornmeal Tamales?

    So, I've been unable to get my hands on corn masa to make tamales due to the current state of things, but I do have plenty of cornmeal. With no luck in my search for a tamale recipe that aloe for corneal instead of masa, I now turn to the fine members of B&B for help. Does any have a recipe for...

    Brush for my grandfather

    Good day gentlemen, it's been awhile since I've made and shared pictures of a brush I've made. I nearly forgot how make the blank for this particular handle when I found out from my mother that my grandfather really wanted me to make him one. So I made him one for Christmas. It's currently on...

    A first for me

    Actually a second for me, but first successful shave. I decided to try shaving with a shavette, and much needed baby step to eventually shaving with a straight. My first go at it was last week with less than desired results that required me to finish up with a DE. It also left me questioning...

    Found a new Blade Bank

    Now, I really don't need a new blade bank, the one I'm currently using has around 4 years worth of used blades and is only an 8th full and can be emptied. I have an interesting sense of humor, so when I saw the new coin bank, I knew it fit my humor just right. Here is the old bank, a chrome...

    Two grails in one day

    It's been awhile since I've hit up auctions for razors, but I'm glad that I did recently! Last Tuesday I was fortunate enough to win not one, but two auctions containing grail razors I've want to add to my collection for awhile now. The first is a 1949 Gillette Executive that was listed as a...
  10. DCRIII

    WTB A 1981 B4 Gillette Black Handle Super Speed

    I WTB a 1981 B-4 Gillette Black Handle Super Speed. It is the one birth year razor I can't seem to find. If anyone has one that they're willing to part with, please let know!
  11. DCRIII

    You know inflation has gotten out of hand when

    Your 5 year old child charges you $55,000.00 for a pretend cup of Dollar Store coffee.
  12. DCRIII

    So much coffee!

    I must have been really good this year! Santa brought me a variety of green coffee beans. 19 pounds worth to be exact. This sampler should hold me over until next year. I'm still new to home roasting my own coffee that everyone one of these is new to me, so I don't even know where to start.
  13. DCRIII

    1960 F-4 Toggle

    Well gentlemen and ladies, I'm now a Toggle man. Recently the chance to purchase a 1960 F-4 Toggle presented itself to me for a price no sane vintage razor collector could resist. Officially it's my birthday present from my lovely wife since she said I could get it. That's right, I was smart...
  14. DCRIII

    Post your Birthday shave!

    I'm not sure if there's a dedicated thread to birthday shaves or not, didn't check, and decided to start one. Feel to post your birthday shave. It can be with anything. A DE, straight, cartridge, push mower, weedwacker, or nair for those that don't know any better. I'll start start with me...
  15. DCRIII

    Which razor should I give to my nephew?

    So my 15 year old nephew has expressed interest in using a DE razor to shave with. I've decided to set him up with a razor, brush, soap, a variety of blades, and aftershave. Everything other that which razor yo gifs hom has been figured out. He only needs to shave once a week at this point in...
  16. DCRIII

    looking for a container that allows C02 to escape

    Hello all! I just recently started to roast my own coffee as of last week. I've chosen to use a propane burner and a 10 inch deep wall cast iron skillet to roast them in. I'm very happy with my results and have to say that I never thought I'd enjoy drinking straight black coffee! Anyway, I'm...
  17. DCRIII

    There's ghost in my kitchen!

    The Reaper is there as well! Sorry guys, just a little humor! But seriously, I have a little over 3 pounds of Golden ghost peppers that I harvested from my garden, along with a couple of red ghost peppers, and one Carolina reaper pepper. I'm currently waiting on the rest of the red ghost and...
  18. DCRIII

    PIF-Huge instant shave den +1 other

    So, this a PIF I've wanted to do for awhile, but took longer than I planned to put together. *Due to aftershave content, this PIF is limited to the continental U.S. As the title suggests, the winner of this PIF will end up with an instant shaving den. The prize includes: -17 vintage user...
  19. DCRIII

    New Jurassic brush

    Hello everyone, it's been awhile since I posted a new brush, but then again it's been awhile since I've made a new brush! Anyway, I wanted to share with you a brush I've wanted to make for good while but had to wait for spring/summer to acquire a crucial piece to make it. I'm a huge fan of the...
  20. DCRIII

    FS Leaf Razor

    For sale is a Leaf Shave Razor that uses one to three half DE blades of any brand. I recently bought this razor off another member on the BST because I was intrigued by it's design and wanted to give it a try. Unfortunately it not aggressive enough for me. It has been used only 4 times and...
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